Elephants at zoo locations in India

37 zoo locations has kept elephants in India

There is presently 108 (30,57) living elephants in zoo locations in India (in this database)

Elephants at zoo  locations in India

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Wild elephants:

India has about 27000 (min. 26000, max. 28000) wild elephants. Source:Baskaran et al. (2011)

Location holdings:

37 zoo location has kept 139 elephants in India

(Database tables with collection of elephants further down on the page)

Elephants in zoo locations108 (30,57) living31 (7,17) dead
Sex ratio and
 Male  30 / 108 
 Female  57 / 108 
 Free contact  77 / 108 
 Protected contact  1 / 108 
 No contact  0 / 108  0%
 Unknown contact  24 / 108 
 wild  0 / 108  0%

2011: According to the 2007 census, there are 27,669 to 27,715 elephants in its various reserves and habitats as against 25,604 in 1993.

2007: 27, 700 elephants (census 2007-2008)

2005: India has around 21,300 elephants in 11 elephant ranges in India, according to the last census in 2005. The country also has 4,000 captive elephants, 800 of which are in Kerala. (Cheeran et al)

2000: A survey by Project Elephant in 2000 found a total of 3,400 domesticated elephants: 2,540 privately owned, 190 in temples, 480 with forest departments, almost 150 in zoos and circuses.

A maximum of 14,005 tuskers are in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra followed by 9,305-9,355 in northeastern regions with Assam having the highest number of 5,281 pachyderms.
Eastern states, including Jharkhand, Orissa and Chhattisgarh have 2,633 elephants while in Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh their population is 1,726, the data said.

Home to ca 60 percent of Asias elephants, India has the highest death rate from human-elephant conflict, with 200-250 people and 100 elephants killed annually. Habitat fragmentation, poaching of tusked males, and patchy forest law enforcement are problems, but numbers are rebounding.

Captive elephants

According to R. Sukumar, chairman of the Centre for Ecological Sciences at the premier Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore, 3,500 of the estimated 14,000 captive Asian elephants can be found in India.

Many of them in temples and camps where they were used as live tractors for timber logging. Today those elephants are often used as tourist riding elephants in previous teak forests that has been transfered to protected areas.

According to Dr B K Gupta, evaluation and monitoring officer of CZA, India had 140 elephants in 26 zoos and 16 circuses as on March 31 2009. Of these, Mysore and Trivandrum had the largest number at 9 and 8 respectively.

In 2009, a decision was made to relocate elephants from Zoos and circuses to forest elephants camps in more natural surrondings.


Kerala has a population of around 800 captive elephants. The Temple at Guruvayoor owns the largest herd of 65. Of the 702 captives in the state, only 118 are females, less than 17 per cent of the total captive population. And of the 118, more than 60 per cent have crossed the reproductive age. There is no record of a pregnancy as a result of a union between two captive elephants in the state. In the last four years two female elephants delivered, one in Kollam and another in Kottayam, but both had conceived in Assam.

2009: By 2009, about 700 elephants were in captivity across the state of Kerala: about 260 with the Devaswoms (temples) and 440 individually owned.

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NameElephant collectionTypePlaceRegion
Odanthurai Reserve
Kept totally 1 elephants
, 0 present (0,0)1 births1 relocated0 deathszooCoimbatoreTamil Nadu
Alipore Zoo
Kept totally 3 elephants
, 0 present (0,0)0 births3 relocated0 deathszooKolkataWest Bengal
Appu Ghar
Kept totally 1 elephants
, 0 present (0,0)0 births1 relocated0 deathszooNew Delhi
Aurangabad Siddharth Garden and Zoo
Kept totally 2 elephants
, 0 present (0,0)1 births2 relocated0 deathszooAurangabad
Bannerghatta Biological Park Zoo
Kept totally 21 elephants
, 16 present (3,11)12 births1 relocated4 deathszooBannerghatta National Park
Bastian timbers (T.R. Antony)
Kept totally 2 elephants
, 1 present (1,0)0 births1 relocated0 deathszooThrissurKerala
Bhagwan Birsa Biological Park
Kept totally 3 elephants
, 3 present (2,1)0 births0 relocated0 deathszooChakla, Bihar
Binkadakatti Zoo
Kept totally 1 elephants
, 1 present (0,1)0 births0 relocated0 deathszooHubli
Bondla zoo
Kept totally 2 elephants
, 2 present (0,0)0 births0 relocated0 deathszooMargao, Goa
Calcutta Zoo (Alipore Zoological gardens)
Kept totally 12 elephants
, 4 present (1,3)0 births8 relocated0 deathszooCalcutta
Chhatbir Zoo
Kept totally 9 elephants
, 8 present (2,6)2 births0 relocated1 deathszoo
Dr. Shivaram Karanth Biological Park (Pilikula Nisargadama)
Kept totally 5 elephants
, 2 present (2,0)1 births3 relocated0 deathszooMangaloreKarnataka
Indore Zoo (Kamal Nehru Prani Sangrahalaya)
Kept totally 2 elephants
, 1 present (1,0)0 births0 relocated1 deathszooIndoreMadhya Pradesh
Jhargram mini zoo
Kept totally 2 elephants
, 0 present (0,0)0 births2 relocated0 deathszooJhargramWest Bengal
Kanan Pendari Zoo Park
Kept totally 3 elephants
, 2 present (0,2)0 births0 relocated1 deathszooBilaspurBilaspur district, Chhattisgarh
Kankaria Kamla Nehru Zoo
Kept totally 8 elephants
, 6 present (4,2)1 births0 relocated2 deathszooAhmedabadGujarat
Kanpur Allen Forest Zoo
Kept totally 2 elephants
, 2 present (0,2)0 births0 relocated0 deathszooKanpur
Katraj Zoo (Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park)
Kept totally 4 elephants
, 2 present (0,1)0 births2 relocated0 deathszooPuneMaharashtra
Lucknow Zoo
Kept totally 5 elephants
, 0 present (0,0)1 births2 relocated3 deathszooLucknow
Madras Vandalur Zoo (Arignar Anna Zoological Park)
Kept totally 21 elephants
, 12 present (3,5)3 births6 relocated3 deathszooChennai
Madras Zoo (Moore Market Complex)
Kept totally 0 elephants
, 0 present (0,0)0 births0 relocated0 deathszooMadras
Madras Zoo (Moore Market Complex)
Kept totally 1 elephants
, 0 present (0,0)0 births1 relocated0 deathszooMadras
Mumbai Byculla Jijamata Udyan zoo
Kept totally 4 elephants
, 2 present (0,2)0 births1 relocated1 deathszooMumbaiMaharashtra
Muruga Rajendra Mata
Kept totally 1 elephants
, 1 present (0,1)0 births0 relocated0 deathszooChitradurgaKarnataka
Mysore Zoo (Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens)
Kept totally 41 elephants
, 12 present (5,5)8 births20 relocated9 deathszooMysoreKarnataka
Nagaland Zoological Park
Kept totally 1 elephants
, 1 present (0,1)0 births0 relocated0 deathszooDimapurDimapur
Nandankanan Zoo
Kept totally 10 elephants
, 8 present (1,6)0 births1 relocated1 deathszooBhubaneswarOrissa
Nehru Zoological Park
Kept totally 12 elephants
, 9 present (2,7)1 births3 relocated0 deathszooHyderabad
New Delhi Zoo
Kept totally 10 elephants
, 3 present (2,1)0 births5 relocated2 deathszooNew Delhi
Palani Arulmigu Dhandayuthapani Temple
Kept totally 1 elephants
, 1 present (0,0)0 births0 relocated0 deathszooPalaniTamil Nadu
Patna Zoo
Kept totally 2 elephants
, 0 present (0,0)0 births2 relocated0 deathszooPatnaBihar
Saundatti unspecified temple
Kept totally 1 elephants
, 0 present (0,0)0 births0 relocated1 deathszooSaundattiBelgaum district, Karnataka
Sepahijala Zoo
Kept totally 0 elephants
, 0 present (0,0)0 births0 relocated0 deathszooTripuraNortheast India
Sri Kollur Mookambika temple
Kept totally 1 elephants
, 0 present (0,0)0 births1 relocated0 deathszooKollur, Kundapur Taluk, Karnataka
Tata Steel zoological park
Kept totally 1 elephants
, 0 present (0,0)0 births0 relocated1 deathszooJamshedpur
Trivandrum Zoo (Thiruvananthapuram Zoo)
Kept totally 12 elephants
, 8 present (1,0)2 births3 relocated1 deathszooThiruvananthapuramKerala
Veega Land
Kept totally 1 elephants
, 1 present (0,0)0 births0 relocated0 deathszooErnakulam

Elephants born in India without specified birth location

348 elephants with records of India as birth or capture country.

NameSpeciesSexOriginBirthAgeCapturePresent locationDeath date
unknownEMwild2016-09-001Sakrebyle elephant camp (Sacrebyle, Sakrebail)
DaisyEMFunknown197740Mallorca Safari Park (Auto Safari Reserva Africana)
Sophie (Sandry)EMFwild196948Little Rock Zoological Gardens
unknownEMFwild?Varagaliar elephant camp
unknownEMFwild?Varagaliar elephant camp
unknownEMMwild?Varagaliar elephant camp
GajendraEMMcaptive-born1993-04-3024Carl Hagenbecks Tierpark (Stellingen)
unknownEMwild?Bandipur forest camp (BEC)
unknownEMwild?Bandipur forest camp (BEC)
unknownEMwild?Bandipur forest camp (BEC)
RajaEMMwild20116Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary
+ Sami (Samicuta, Samyukths)EMF1989251993Madrid Zoo (Casa de Campo)2014-07-11
MalaEMFwild1964-00-0053Parc Paradisio (Pairi Daiza)
DumboEMFwild197245Planckendael Zoo
GrouchoEMMwild197146Denver Zoo
+ MohiniEMF?Bhopal operation Durga2012-10-17
Rex (Bimbo, Barney)EMMwild196849Oklahoma City Zoo
+ Jewel (Cutie)EMFwild195261Little Rock Zoological Gardens2013-09-08?
unknownEMF20107Kodanadu Elephant training centre
Kaveri RajaEMMunknown?Millennium Elephant Foundation
RaniEMFwild196948Neunkirchen Zoo
+ BuriaEMFwild196948Neunkirchen Zoo2017-02-24
BishnupriyaEMFunknown200512Temple of Sri Sri Radha Madhava (Krishna world headquarters)
SubarnaEMMwild20098Calcutta Zoo (Alipore Zoological gardens)
UrigamEMMwild20098Madras Vandalur Zoo (Arignar Anna Zoological Park)
Narasimhan EMMwild20098Madras Vandalur Zoo (Arignar Anna Zoological Park)
ChampaEMFwild?Kanpur Allen Forest Zoo
Ashya (Asha)EMF197740Toyohashi Zoo and Botanical Park
+ RajaEMwild200902009Tata Steel zoological park2009-10-08
MotkiEMFwild196948Sosto Zoo (Nyiregyhazi Allatpark)
Tanja (Tanya)EMFwild197542Sosto Zoo (Nyiregyhazi Allatpark)
SharonEMFwild20098Madras Vandalur Zoo (Arignar Anna Zoological Park)
Rowdy RangaEMMwild198433Bannerghatta National Park
BabuEMMwild197344Serbithang Royal Botanic Garden
MinnaEMFunknown200314Kottor Kappukadu elephant rehabilitation centre (ERC)
AmmuEMFunknown200215Kottor Kappukadu elephant rehabilitation centre (ERC)
SurapaEMFwild198334Buffalo Zoo
RanjeetEMMwild?Sironcha forest range divison
VimlaEMFwild?Sironcha forest range divison
Laxmipriya (Faguni)EMFunknown200215Temple of Sri Sri Radha Madhava (Krishna world headquarters)
unknownEMFwild2007-12-0010Guwahati Zoo (Assam Zoo)
RanjiEMMwild?Kottor Kappukadu elephant rehabilitation centre (ERC)
unknownEMFwild?Madras Vandalur Zoo (Arignar Anna Zoological Park)
Sai GeetaEMwild?Sathya Sai Baba (Sathyanarayana Raju)
RahulEMMunknown200314Okinawa Zoo
Ryuka (Devi)EMMunknown200017Okinawa Zoo
RahulEMMcaptive-born200215Yokohama Zoo (Zoorasia)
DeviEMFcaptive-born200017Yokohama Zoo (Zoorasia)
ChilaraiEMwild?Guwahati Zoo (Assam Zoo)2007-12-00
TotoEMFwild196453Wroclaw Zoo (Zoo Breslau)
AlikaEMFwild?Pomerode Zoo
KenyaEMFwild?Pomerode Zoo
+ PugliEMFwild196938Terra Natura theme park, Benidorm2007-04-23
Billie (Billy)EMF1953641953The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee
Ronnie (Maharani)EMF196651The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee
+ NiranjanEMMunknown2006-00-001Kodanadu Elephant training centre2007-12-26
+ unknownEMMunknown199611New Delhi Zoo2007-03-08
+ Chellam (Chellamma)EMFwild200542005Madras Vandalur Zoo (Arignar Anna Zoological Park)2009-11-20
Kaveri (Cauvery)EMFwild1984-01-28331985Dompierre Le Pal Zoo
+ Bertie Mae (Bertie May)EMFwild198034Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (Six Flags Marine World)2014-04-00
+ Lucy (Lutzi)EMFwild195061Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Center for Elephant Conservation2011-04-26
+ TinkerbelleEMFwild1966391967Performing Animal Welfare Society / ARK 2000 (PAWS)2005-03-24
+ MistyEMF1964521965The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee2016-04-13
+ LotaEMFwild195253The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee2005-02-10
Abhimanyu (Ganesh)EMMcaptive-born2004-11-0013Mysore Zoo (Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens)
SuseelaEMFwild196156Ostrava Zoo
BinduEMMwild196849Cologne Zoo (Zoo Köln)
Little MacEMFwild197146Santa Barbara Zoo
SujathaEMFwild?Santa Barbara Zoo
+ Ganapati (Ganapathy)EMMwild198627Estepona Selwo safari park2013-11-00
+ DelhiEMFwild1936721946The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee2008-03-11
+ Radsch (Radza, Mysore)EMMwild196746Emmen Zoo2013-10-01
+ BombayEMFwild195451Amiens Zoo (Parc Zoologique dAmiens)2005-02-17
PoolyEMFwild1991-01-1826Ichihara Elephant Kingdom (Ichihara Zounokuni)
MammyEMFwild1998-01-2419Ichihara Elephant Kingdom (Ichihara Zounokuni)
TerryEMMwild1992-11-1225Ichihara Elephant Kingdom (Ichihara Zounokuni)
SuryaEMFwild199423Ueno Zoo
Nelly (Nellie)EMFwild196948Zoo Miami (Miami Metro Zoo)
+ Nika (Gobi)EMFwild1958411960Estepona Selwo safari park1999-12-01
+ Minyahk (Ole C.C.)EMFwild194961Dickerson Park Zoo2010-08-04
+ Tommy (King Tusk)EMMwild1944581944Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus - Retirement Farm2002-12-21
+ Dirndl (Lakhshmi)EMFcaptive-born196737Kiev Zoo2004-08-25
DoraEMFwild1974431975La Barben Zoo (Parc Zoologique De La Barben)
+ Putsie (Putzi)EMFwild196249Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Center for Elephant Conservation2011-07-07
Myriam (Miriam)EMFwild197047Unknown
IyotiEMFwild1974-01-0643Berlin Zoo
LuluEMFwild197542Carson and Barnes Circus
MangalaEMFunknown1993-01-1924Munich Zoo (Munchner Tierpark Hellabrunn)
+ MissyEMFwild196433Detroit Zoo1997-10-18
ShirleyEMFwild1944731946Wild Adventures
+ SeetnaEMFcaptive-born1966-07-1030Two Tails Ranch (Patricia Zerbini)1996-05-22
+ CindyEMFwild1962401962Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium2002-11-19
VaigaiEMFwild1985-12-2432Honolulu Zoo (Kapiolani Park Zoo)
PearlEMFwild197146St Louis Zoo
YashodaEMFunknown1979-00-0038Carl Hagenbecks Tierpark (Stellingen)
+ Hattie (Joyce II)EMFwild197026Hawthorn Corporation1996-08-07
TaraEMFunknown?Kipling Camp
+ MaudeEMFwild193764Hawthorn Corporation2001
+ DumboEMFwild1948461948Hawthorn Corporation1994-12-17
TargaEMFwild195562Augsburg Zoo
+ HusseinEMMwild197240Carl Hagenbecks Tierpark (Stellingen)2012-06-15
+ ZitaEMFwild196921Riga Zoo1990-07-15
+ DelhiEMFwild196032Dushanbe Zoo1992
+ LydiaEMFwild194370Lydia Elephant Rides (David Tesch)2013-05-00
+ JothiEMFwild19825Honolulu Zoo (Kapiolani Park Zoo)1987-12-25
Indi RajaEMMunknown198037Kandy Sri Dalada Maligawa Temple of the Tooth
+ Dutch (Dottie, Pepper, Champagne, Cleopatra, Popsicle)EMFwild196425William Buckles Woodcock1989
Birendra PrasadEMMwild197641Khorsor elephant breeding centre
Shruti KhaliEMFwild197641Khorsor elephant breeding centre
unknownEMunknown?Khorsor elephant breeding centre
Kush PrasadEMwild?Khorsor elephant breeding centre
unknownEMunknown?Khorsor elephant breeding centre
unknownEMunknown?Khorsor elephant breeding centre
unknownEMunknown?Khorsor elephant breeding centre
unknownEMunknown?Khorsor elephant breeding centre
unknownEMunknown?Khorsor elephant breeding centre
unknownEMunknown?Khorsor elephant breeding centre
unknownEMunknown?Khorsor elephant breeding centre
unknownEMunknown?Khorsor elephant breeding centre
unknownEMunknown?Khorsor elephant breeding centre
unknownEMunknown?Khorsor elephant breeding centre
unknownEMunknown?Khorsor elephant breeding centre
Saraswati KaliEMwild?Khorsor elephant breeding centre
unknownEMunknown?Khorsor elephant breeding centre
+ PeggyEMF1964-19641964Ford Brothers Circus
DayaEMFwild197740Ueno Zoo
+ CarmenEMFwild196027Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus (Blue Unit)1987
+ MaryEMFcaptive-born1946-06-0164Sanford Central Florida Zoological Park2010-03-02
Mumtas MahalEMFwild197047Krefeld Zoo
MariEMFwild197542Honolulu Zoo (Kapiolani Park Zoo)
+ TarunEMMwild1974341979Odessa Zoo2008-10-19
Vendi (Vendy)EMFwild197839Odessa Zoo
JackieEMFwild195463Natal Zoo Lion Park
JasmineEMFwild195463Natal Zoo Lion Park
+ GigiEMFwild195462Natal Zoo Lion Park2016-12-28
PinkyEMFwild196651Arnhem Zoo (Burgers Zoo)
+ MabelEMFunknown196339Arnhem Zoo (Burgers Zoo)2002-06-17
+ Onyx (Big Mac)EMMwild1962401964Dickerson Park Zoo2002-05-22
+ ArunEMMwild197621Budapest Zoo1997-08-00
+ UrvashiEMFwild19755Dvur Kralove Zoo1980-02-25
+ KhaliEMFwild197619Budapest Zoo1995
+ ManjuEMFunknown?Natal Zoo Lion Park1989?
MinotiEMFwild197047Natal Zoo Lion Park
+ MohiniEMFunknown?Natal Zoo Lion Park1999?
+ MaryEMFwild195425Clyde Brothers-Carden-Johnson Circus1979-06-04
+ DinnuEMFwild0Gran Circo Union
+ Seeta (Sita)EMFwild0Gran Circo Union
+ MunaEMFwild0Gran Circo Union
LouiseEMFwild197344Berlin-Friedrichsfelde Tierpark
ShantiEMFwild197641Prague Zoo (Zoo Praha)
+ Tus (Tuss, Miss Debbie)EMFwild195349Bronx Zoo2002-05-16
+ DuvelEMFwild1974221976Antwerp Zoo (Zoo Antwerpen Dierentuin)1996-06-07
+ TokaEMFwild196437Hogle Zoo (Salt City Zoo)2001-03-05
+ DabaEMFwild01972International Animal Exchange (Ferndale)
MadhumalaEMunknown?Royal Bengal Circus (Laxman Das Circus)
TanjaEMFwild1964-00-0053Berlin Zoo
LankaEMFwild197245Brijuni Zoo (National Park)
+ Laverne (Vashi 1)EMFwild197012Bronx Zoo1982-05-16
HanumaEMFwild196849Termez Zoo
+ KiraEMFwild1970-00-00341970Rostock Zoo2004-09-18
SofiaEMFwild197047Rome Zoo (Bioparco - Giardino Zoologico di Roma)
+ Nelly (Nella)EMFwild197042Rome Zoo (Bioparco - Giardino Zoologico di Roma)2012-10-18
+ JeanEMFwild196920San Diego Safari Park (San Diego Wild Animal Park)1989-12-01
+ Sony (Sonny)EMMwild197040Brijuni Zoo (National Park)2010-04-02
RhenaEMFwild197047Krefeld Zoo
+ Ida (Danida, Rani)EMFwild1970411970Copenhagen Zoo (Zoologisk Have)2011-03-10
+ BombayEMFwild1932631946Hawthorn Corporation1995-02-13
+ JoyceEMFwild194848Hawthorn Corporation1996-08-03
+ MonyEMFwild196335Ieper Zoo (Bellewaerde Park)1998-08-14
+ UrajahEMFwild196691967Soest Zoo1975-04-09
+ RhaniEMFwild195045Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus (Blue Unit)1995
+ Alice IVEMFwild19672Roger Williams Park Zoo1969-03-00
+ MollyEMFwild196645Stuttgart Wilhelma Zoo2011-07-13
+ GauriEMFwild196447Liberec Zoo2011-06-28
+ BambooEMFwild1967-02-0001967Woodland Park Zoo1967-12-00
RaniEMFwild196354Liberec Zoo
+ Nova ScotiaEMMunknown?Jolly Board Canada1969
+ JoytiEMFwild1963-05-19631964Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus
+ Surik (Surhak)EMMunknown195745Hrodna Zoo2002-04-27
+ Kathy Sh-BoomEMFwild1960-11-2542Niabi Zoo2002-11-21
+ Enorma IEMFwild196411965San Francisco Zoo1965-03-16
+ Mohan (Gyro, Gyro-Moe)EMMcaptive-born1960-05-127Calgary Zoo1967-06-26
+ Cutie Pie (Shanti)EMFwild1963-089Fort Worth Zoo1972-09-05
+ IndiaEMFwild1961471963Lodz Zoo2008-05-26
+ Magda IIEMFwild1962-04-00541963Lodz Zoo2016-01-22
+ NeraEMFwild1961371962Warsaw Zoo (Ogrod Zoologiczny Warsaw)1998-07-09
+ Tasja (Rhena) EMFwild196219Rhenen Zoo (Ouwehands Dierenpark Rhenen)1981
+ OlyEMFwild196120Berlin Circus Union (VEB Staatszirkus der DDR)1981-12-00
+ Prince Obert (Dilip)EMMcaptive-born1961-09-202Fairyland Circus1963-01-19
+ Berta (Bertha)EMFwild1951481956Nugget Casino in Sparks1999-09
+ AssamEMMwild196010Erfurt Zoo1970-05-14
+ Bupari IIIEMF?Halle Zoo1993-10-05
+ Rani IIEMF?Halle Zoo1966
RadschEMMwild195265Dushanbe Zoo
+ Sai GeetaEMwild195454Sathya Sai Baba (Sathyanarayana Raju)2008-05-20
+ MimiEMFwild195953Denver Zoo2012-10-09
+ PalmaEMFwild195939Almaty Zoo (Alma-Ata Zoo)1998-06-24
+ MaliniEMFwild195318Auckland Zoo1971-02-27
+ Sura (Suri)EMF19592Rostock Zoo1961-08-20
AmbikaEMFwild194869Smithsonian National Zoological Park
+ SonjaEMFwild195615Magdeburg Zoo1971-07-30
+ SchöpfiEMFwild1958521960Dresden Zoo2010-02-03
+ JillEMFwild1946-10-00-1946King Brothers Circus
+ GeetaEMFwild1958481958Los Angeles Zoo2006-06-10
+ LakshmiEMFwild195748Heidelberg Zoo2005-07-20
+ LakshmiEMFwild195541Berlin Zoo1996
+ RhaniEMFwild1954-01-0054Leipzig Zoo2008-06-13
+ Nely (Neli)EMFwild?Brasilias Zoo Garden (Jardim Zoológico de Brasília)1994
+ KingaEMFwild1952511953Poznan Zoo2003-10-08
+ SiwaEMFwild195248Wuppertal Zoo2000-10-12
+ ManyulaEMFwild195060San Salvador Zoo (Parque Zoológico Nacional de San Salvador)2010-09-21
+ RuthEMFwild1954-1954Clyde Brothers Circus (Howard Suesz)
+ MocositaEMFwild195256La Aurora Zoo (Parque Zoológico Nacional La Aurora)2008-07-19
+ MuruganEMMcaptive-born1953-01-2350Amsterdam Artis Zoo2003-06-04
+ KaliEMFwild194559Hogle Zoo (Salt City Zoo)2004-03-08
+ unknownEM0Sri Lanka National Zoological Gardens (Dehiwela Zoo)
+ KamalaEMFwild193152Wellington Zoo1983-06-13
+ MiniakEMFwild195153Circus Knie2004-11-11
+ AmberEMFwild194932Toledo Zoo1981-04-22
+ TribhuvankaliEMFwild?Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve (KTWR)2010-01-13
+ Ganesha (Swethavarna)EMMwild?1949Mysore Zoo (Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens)2000-06-00
+ MohiniEMFunknown194551Ankara Zoo (Ankara Hayvanat Bahçesi)1996-06-05
+ SomEMM194816Takarazuka Zoo and Family Land1964-06-02
+ AshokEMMwild194712Smithsonian National Zoological Park1959-10-01
+ ShantiEMFwild194729Smithsonian National Zoological Park1976-12-15
+ Coca IIEMFwild194739Atlanta Zoo1986-09-26
+ AidaEMFwild0Tilburg Zoo (Tilburgs Natuur Dierenpark)
+ MayaEMFwild?Circus Barum (Circus Kreiser)1967-08-01
+ ShantiEMFwild194728Berlin Zoo1975-06-29
+ Indra (Indira)EMFwild0Ueno Zoo
+ TullyEMFwild?Circus Barum (Circus Kreiser)1967-08-02
+ NellieEMFunknown?Taronga Zoo1949-05-21
+ unknownEMFwild1935-1935Unknown
+ Wallace PintoEMFwild0Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus
+ MayaEMFwild1940501940San Diego Zoo1990-12-23
+ LuckiEMFwild1941471941San Diego Zoo1988-08-28
+ QueenieEMFwild192233T Tidwell Shows1955-04-06
+ Ranee IEMFunknown190962Taronga Zoo1971-07-06
+ ChandramaEMFwild0Moscow Zoo (Moskovskii Zoopark)
+ unknownEMFwild192020Dudley Zoo1940-09-18
+ ShusheelaEMFunknown1928-1928Perth Zoo
+ TillieEMFwild192442Nay Aug Park Zoo1966
+ Barney (Moton)EMMwild0Cole Brothers Circus
+ Babe (Babylon)EMFwild187760Smithsonian National Zoological Park1937-08-12
+ unknownEMMwild0Pratap Chandra
+ unknownEMMwild0Pratap Chandra
+ unknownEMMwild0Pratap Chandra
+ unknownEMMwild?1932Pratap Chandra1932-00-00
+ unknownEMMwild?Pratap Chandra1932-00-00
+ unknownEMMwild0Pratap Chandra
+ unknownEMMwild0Pratap Chandra
+ unknownEMMwild0Pratap Chandra
+ unknownEMFwild0Pratap Chandra
+ unknownEMFwild0Pratap Chandra
+ unknownEMFwild0Pratap Chandra
+ unknownEMFwild0Unknown
+ unknownEMFwild0Pratap Chandra
+ unknownEMFwild0Pratap Chandra
+ unknownEMFwild0Pratap Chandra
+ unknownEMFwild0Pratap Chandra
+ unknownEMFwild0Pratap Chandra
+ unknownEMFwild0Pratap Chandra
+ ChandraEMFunknown1926-1926Unknown
+ MandjullahEMFwild?1929Zurich Zoo1966-12-06
+ MargueriteEMFwild1921341923San Francisco Zoo1955-05-14
+ VirginiaEMFwild1921431923San Francisco Zoo1964-02-11
+ PaulinaEMFwild188565Belle Isle Nature Zoo (Safariland, Detroit Zoo)1950-01-26
+ Nellie (Nellikutha)EMFwild?Wellington Zoo1944-08-15
+ Tom BoyEMFwild?Erie Zoo ( Glenwood Park Zoo )1934
+ Miss ChicEMFwild192340Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens1963-11-09
+ Ramo (Romino)EMMwild191129San Antonio Zoo1940
+ Mary AnnEMFwild192220Maryland Zoo1942
+ Jon (John)EMMwild191825Ueno Zoo1943-08-29
+ Tonki (Tonky)EMFwild192023Ueno Zoo1943-09-23
+ SundermalaEMFwild?Unknown1926-12-28
+ SukhiEMFwild0Unknown
+ unknownEMFwild0Unknown
+ JumboEMMwild190746Copenhagen Zoo (Zoologisk Have)1953-03-10
+ JessieEMFunknown187564Taronga Zoo1939-09-26
+ Jumbo (baby Jumbo)EMFwild?Maidstone Zoo (Sir Garrard Tyrwhitt-Drake)1916-10-21
+ Guba (Kuba)EMFunknown1893-00-0023Budapest Zoo1916-07-01
+ MemyEMFwild1905341912Nuremberg Zoo (Tiergarten Nürnberg)1939-03-14
+ GretiEMFwild0Rome Zoo (Bioparco - Giardino Zoologico di Roma)
+ DoraEMFwild190239Poznan Zoo1941-03-03
+ JessieEMFwild?London Zoo1920-01-16
+ Wally IEMFwild188930Rotterdam Zoo (Diergaarde Blijdorp)1919-09-11
+ GundaEMMwild189718Bronx Zoo1915-06-21
+ VinagerEMFwild?Herbert Taylor (captain Joe Taylor)1921?
+ BupariEMFwild?Halle Zoo1908-12-08
+ QueenieEMFwild190045Royal Melbourne Zoological Park1945-06-22
+ MustardEMFwild?George Lockhart Sr.1902
+ PepperEMFwild?George Lockhart Sr.1902
+ Rani (Rhanee, Ranee)EMFwild188122Royal Melbourne Zoological Park1903-12-15
+ OmarEMMwild?Berlin Zoo1903
+ Rostom (Rustum)EMMwild?Berlin Zoo1892
+ Jung PershadEMMwild?London Zoo1896-03-08
+ Suffa CulliEMFwild189423London Zoo1917-12-02
+ ZebiEMFwild?Bristol Zoo1910-02-02
+ unknownEMM?Sir Joseph Banks Hotel Zoological Gardens (William Beaumont)1855-06-00
+ Tippoo Sultan (Tippoo Saib)EMMwild180631Purdy, Welch and Macomber Zoological Institute1837-1838
+ Helen McGregorEMFwild?James B. Green1832-09-00
+ Betty (Little Bet)EMFwild180719Hachaliah Bailey1826-05-24
+ ChuneeEMMwild?Exeter Exchange menagerie1826-03-01
ChandrashekharEMMunknown?Chenoy Balakrishnan
SrinivasanEMMunknown?Chenoy Balakrishnan
GaneshEMMunknown?Kodanadu Elephant training centre
Sri RamaEMMwild?1969Thithimathi Mathigodu elephant Camp
HarshaEMMwild1976411990Dubare elephant camp
+ RomeoEMMwild?Rome Zoo (Bioparco - Giardino Zoologico di Roma)1927-07-18
Puthenkulam AnanthapadmanabhanEMMwild197443Puthenkulam Shaji
+ ColumbusEMMwild180326Unknown1829-03-22
+ Tommy (Jumbo)EMM1849?9Gepps Cross Hotel (Mr Matthews)1858
+ AranyaEMMwild200902009Gorumara Central Pilkhana Elephant Camp2009-08-15
+ HariprasadEMMwild197728Minnamthottil temple2005-03-19
Puthenkulam Anantha KrishnanEMMwild200116Puthenkulam Shaji
Thiruvanikkavu Jayaram KannanEMMwild199324Jayaram Subramaniyam
+ JennyEMFwild1944-1944Unknown
+ JunaEMFwild0Clyde Beatty-Cole Brothers Circus
LokimalaEMFwild?Kuala Gandah Elephant Conservation Education Centre
IrabatiEMFunknown?Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary
+ unknownEMFwild?Mysore Zoo (Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens)1970
Champa KaliEMF?Nature Safari Camp
Devi Khali (Maan?)EMFwild196057KMTNC Hattisar
AnnieEMFwild196057Performing Animal Welfare Society / ARK 2000 (PAWS)
+ PiaEMFwild1961-1961Berlin Circus Union (VEB Staatszirkus der DDR)
LakshmiEMFwild?Virupaksha Temple
+ DollyEMFwild196927Carson and Barnes Circus1996-05-00
+ Laxmi KaliEMFunknown?Chitwan Hattisar (Sauraha Elephant Breeding Centre)2014-09-29
+ Calcutta IIEMFwild1948601948Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus - Retirement Farm2008-07-07
GangaEMFcaptive-born199819Sunkadakatte elephant camp
+ unknownEMFwild0Leipzig Zoo
+ RupaEMFwild?Sabha Shankar Pandey2016-10-00
+ "Great Indian Elephant"EMFwild0The Elephant Caravan
+ KamlaEMFwild1964-04-01-1964U.S.A. unspecified Location
+ unknownEMFwild0Leipzig Zoo
MotiraniEMFwild?Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary
LakshmiEMFwild?Sabha Shankar Pandey
Alta (Maharani Indiri, Indi)EMFwild1964-07-1153Endangered Ark Foundation
+ unknownEMFunknown0Orang National Park elephant camp
+ AngayarkanniEMFwild196641Sri Meenakshi Sundareswarar Amman temple2007-03-31
+ EravatEMunknown20092Bandhavgarh National Park elephant camp2011-02-06
unknownEMwild?Bondla zoo
unknownEMwild?Bondla zoo
+ JudyEMwild1944-04-00-1944Clyde Brothers Circus (Donnie Johnson)
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