M31 (AA-family) at Amboseli National Park

† M31 (AA-family)
Alternative name:Slit Trunk
ID Number:
Species: African Bush elephant (Loxodonta africana)
Sex and age:Male ♂ maybe about 17 years old (estimated age)
Characteristics:Slit Trunk
Dead date: 1976,
Death reason: unknown: killed?
Location:Amboseli National Park
ArrivedAmboseli National Park
Born:1959? wild in
Amboseli National Park
Document updated2018-08-09: new record
" The young male was given the code number M31, but was usually
referred to as Slit Trunk. He had an open eight-inch slit in his trunk that went right through to the inner nasal passage. However, it had healed well and did not seem to cause him any problem."

"Sometime in the first half of 1976, Slit Trunk became independent, striking
out on his own as young bulls do. Unfortunately, he was one of the ones
who failed to make it through the drought. There were a lot of Maasai
spearings that year because the Maasai, their cattle, and the wildlife
were packed into a small area and competing for the same resources. I
suspect Slit Trunk was killed because he lacked experience of how to keep
out of the Maasai's way. "

Sources, among others

  • THE AA FAMILY HISTORY, Cynthia Moss, Amboseli National Park, September 2010

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