K at Copenhagen Zoo (Zoologisk Have)

Female Asian elephant K at Copenhagen Zoo (Zoologisk Have)

Elephant K and Zoo visitor Jens Madsen, Copenhagen, Denmark
† K
ID Number:EEP Number: 2303 - 
Species: Asian elephant
Sex and age:Female 41 years
Status:foot problems
Dead date: 1964-11-26
Death reason: anesthesia: Anesthesia, Cardiovascular Trauma
Location:Copenhagen Zoo (Zoologisk Have)
ArrivedCopenhagen Zoo (Zoologisk Have) 1929-05-30
from East Asiatic Company (Østasiatiske Kompagni)
Born:1923-10-09 wild Thailand
K Came together with Ø on the ship M/S Lalandia as a gift from Østasiatisk Kompagni (East asian company), therefore their strange names. When Ø was sold she lived the the rest of her life alone.

1957 in March problems with left frontleg. She was kept offhand and had anesthesia for foot care. She never recovered, and died the morning afterwards. On uterus was found myomas.

Records about K from EEPEuropean Studbook for Asian elephants state following records for the asian elephant K:

2303 F 9 Oct 1923 WILD WILD THAILAND 9 Oct 1923 NONE Birth K
COPENHAGE 30 May 1929 10373 Transfer
26 Nov 1964 Death

Source: EEP studbook for Asian elephants online

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