Supan at Copenhagen Zoo (Zoologisk Have)

Female Asian elephant Supan at Copenhagen Zoo (Zoologisk Have)

Supan og Bons Ree. Gift from ěstasiatisk Kompagni. Photo early 60,s.
From the book Dyr og mennesker i Zoologisk Have by Dr.Holger Poulsen 1965
† Supan
ID Number:EEP Number: 4704 - 
Species: Asian elephant
Sex and age:Female 19 years
Dead date: 1966-10-21
Death reason: euthanised: curare
Location:Copenhagen Zoo (Zoologisk Have)
ArrivedCopenhagen Zoo (Zoologisk Have) 1954-05-24
from East Asiatic Company (ěstasiatiske Kompagni)
Born:1947 wild Thailand
East Asiatic Company (ěstasiatiske Kompagni) in Denmark, arrived with the ship M/S Selandia.

Lost weight during 1966, due to teeth problems.

1966-10-21: Lay down in the stable, and couldnt rise again.

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