Nauke at Circus Carl Hagenbeck - Stellingen (Lorenz Hagenbeck)

† Nauke
ID Number:
Species: Asian elephant (Elephas maximus)
Sex and age:Male ♂more than 10 years old (minimum age)
Dead date: 1916,
Death reason: : anorexia?
Location:Circus Carl Hagenbeck - Stellingen (Lorenz Hagenbeck)
ArrivedCircus Carl Hagenbeck - Stellingen (Lorenz Hagenbeck) 1916-03-00
from Carl Hagenbecks Tierpark (Stellingen)
Capture: ?, Sumatra
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The animals reached Malmo at the end of March, where in the meantime Strassburger's wagons had been painted orange and blue and with our name. Now the seventy-six horses which we had taken over, the three elephants and a number of zebras, camels and donkeys had the opportunity of welcoming new colleagues arriving from Stellingen.

I now took on the elephant group, trained by an old keeper of ours to a new number performed together with the Strassburger elephants. I had only time for five rehearsals with them in our Swedish winter quarters. One of the group was a large Sumatran bull elephant with tusks about three feet long, and his idea was at the outset to make sure that his new owner respected him, to which end he made a persistent attack on me. Luckily I was pretty good at handling the fourteen-foot-long elephant whip and getting round him, cracking it, which of course all went to enhance the dramatic effect.

Animals Are My Life, by Lorenz Hagenbeck

Once there, we played two months long in the Polish capital. There was
ample horseflesh for the carnivores, but not sufficient raw greenstuff
for our herbage eaters, so that we lost two elephants, one of these
being Nauke, a bull with magnificent tusks. This was a hard loss for us;
for now, during the war, it was of course out of the question to get
substitutes from India.

Animals Are My Life, by Lorenz Hagenbeck

Sources, among others

  • Animals Are My Life, by Lorenz Hagenbeck

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