noname (wild) at Panamure elephant kraal (Panamura Ethgala)

Male Asian elephant noname (wild) at Panamure elephant kraal (Panamura Ethgala)

† noname (wild)
ID Number:
Species: Asian elephant
Sex and age:Male < 1 years
Dead date: 1950-08-09
Death reason: euthanised: shot
Location:Panamure elephant kraal (Panamura Ethgala)
ArrivedPanamure elephant kraal (Panamura Ethgala) 1950-00-00
Born: wild Sri Lanka
Capture: 1950
Already in 1950 Animal rights activists had a victory in Sri Lanka, but as usual with political pressure and with false arguments: Though the News Papers screamed, “Tusker shot while defending the herd” it was not a tusker nor was he the leader of the herd. He was just a strong male that had joined the herd because of his sexual desires. I must also state that the shooting of elephants was not banned at the time. They were shot in defence of crops and for ‘sport’, with a license of course.

Records about noname (wild) was updated
2013-03-22: death date

Sources, among others

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