Sonia (Sona) at Ostrava Zoo

† Sonia (Sona)
ID Number:EEP Number: 6709 - 
Species: Asian elephant
Sex and age:Female 35 years
Dead date: 1991-10-16
Death reason: euthanised: hoof cancer
Location:Ostrava Zoo
ArrivedOstrava Zoo 1967-09-10
from Dvur Kralove Zoo
Dvur Kralove Zoo 1962-07-09
from Tilburg Zoo (Tilburgs Natuur Dierenpark)
Tilburg Zoo (Tilburgs Natuur Dierenpark) 1962-07-01
Born:1956 wild
Capture: 1962
According to the Ostrava Zoo's website, Sonia was transferred to the Dvur Kralov Zoo in 1962 from a circus after she attacked her trainer. During her time at Ostrava, she was kept with the male African elephant Peter until his frequent aggression towards her led the two to be separated.

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