Bunny at The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee

† Bunny
ID Number:   SSP Number: 161 - 
Species: Asian elephant
Sex and age:Female 56 years
Dead date: 2009-05-14
Death reason: age:
Location:The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee
ArrivedThe Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee 1999-09-29
from Mesker Park Zoo
Mesker Park Zoo 1954-00-00
Born:1953 wild
Body height (m and feet): 2.16 meter, 7.1 feet
Body weight (kgs and pounds): 3409.09 kg, 7500.00 lbs
Bunny was the fifth elephant to reside at Carol Buckley's private facility. Her transfer was made after residing at the Mesker Park Zoo for over forty years, most the duration as a single elephant.
At the time of her death she was the institution's second oldest elephant and quoted to be the first (of nine deceased) to die of natural causes. Announcements stated her health began to fail on 02 May 2009. However, the decision was not made to humanely euthanize her but rather treat her with "pain meds, antibiotics, and homeopathic remedies under the authority of her veterinary team." After 12 days, she finally passed in the field where she originally laid down. Her death preceded another Elephant Sanctuary death, Ned, by 12 hours, though it was stated there was no physical connection.
Bunny was 7'11" and weighed 7500 pounds.

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