Queenie at The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee

Female Asian elephant Queenie at The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee

Queen & Bret Bronson. Photo: © Bret Bronson
† Queenie
ID Number:   SSP Number: 293 - 
Species: Asian elephant
Sex and age:Female 49 years
Dead date: 2008-03-29
Death reason: age:
Location:The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee
ArrivedThe Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee 2006-02-02
from Hawthorn Corporation
Hawthorn Corporation 1988-02-00
from Benson Wild Animal Farm (Bedford Zoo)
Benson Wild Animal Farm (Bedford Zoo) 1963-00-00
Born:1959 wild
In 2006, Queen and Liz were the 17th & 18th retirees to the Elephant Sanctuary. She stood 8'6" and 7,420 pounds.

Queen & Liz plus, a 3rd elephant Ruth came to Bensons Animal Park in New Hampshire in 1963. They were originally trained by Slivers Madison - exceptionally well trained matter of fact. The were were well taught and more importantly, well mannered. Ruth was sold privately in 1978. She led a rough life for a while until she was confiscated and donated to the New Bedford Zoo in Massachusetts. Queen & Liz remained at the park until Feb. '88. They were sold, along with 'Jackie' an African, the previous fall at the park liquidation auction to Hawthorn Corp (John Cuneo).
Bret Bronson, 2009-03-16

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