Ivory at Indianapolis Zoo

ID Number:   SSP Number: 218 - 
Species: African Bush elephant
Sex and age:Female 35 years
Management:Protected contact
Location:Indianapolis Zoo
ArrivedIndianapolis Zoo 1984-09-05
from International Animal Exchange (Ferndale)
International Animal Exchange (Ferndale) 1978-07-00
from Hwange National Park (Wankie National Park)
Hwange National Park (Wankie National Park) 1982-00-00
Born:1982 wild in
Hwange National Park (Wankie National Park) Zimbabwe
Capture: 1984
Offspring and year of birth:
  1. (M) 2000-08-04 Ajani, SSP nr: 515
  2. (F) 2006-08-31 Zahara, SSP nr: 548
  3. (F) 2012-06-28 Nyah
Article and Image at ShowMe Elephants: "Indianapolis Zoo - Ivory and Zahara," 05/11/2012

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2014-02-05: not pregnant

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