Kashin at Auckland Zoo

Female Asian elephant Kashin at Auckland Zoo

Photo ©: Jeremy Harris, Auckland, New Zealand

† Kashin
ID Number:   ASMP Number: 50 - 
Species: Asian elephant
Sex and age:Female 41 years
Status:foot problems
Dead date: 2009-08-24
Death reason: euthanised: chronic arthritis / foot abscesses
Location:Auckland Zoo
ArrivedAuckland Zoo 1972-00-00
from St. Pauls Como Zoo
St. Pauls Como Zoo
from Dusit Zoo (Khao Din)
Dusit Zoo (Khao Din) 1968-12-10
Born:1968-12-10 unknown in
Dusit Zoo (Khao Din) Thailand
In November 2008 the zoo celebrated Kashins 40th birthday. She was four years old when a bank sponsored her arrival from a Thailand wildlife facility to the Old Elephant House via jumbo jet.
According to Auckland Zoo senior vet Dr. Richard Jakob-Hoff, "She has suffered chronic arthritis and foot abscesses for many years, and of late, she developed skin infections over her body that were not healing and reflected a breakdown in her inmmune systen. Despite being on pain relief, she was showing signs of being in pain. Kashin is such a spirited animal, it was clear to us that her condition had deteriorated." Her pigeon-toed feet from youth pre-disposed her to foot conditions. Kashins death leaves the Auckland Zoo with one elephant, 26 year old Burma who arrived in 1990.
Kashin weighed 3.6 tonnes.

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