Putra Mas at Perth Zoo

Putra Mas
ID Number:   ASMP Number: 53 - 
Species: Asian elephant
Sex and age:Male 28 years
Management:Protected contact
Location:Perth Zoo
ArrivedPerth Zoo 1992-12-15
from Melaka Zoo (Malacca Zoo)
Born:1989 wild Malaysia
Offspring, year of birth, year of death:

    Total: 1 babies

  1. (F) 2016-06-15 -- † 2016-08-02 Willow

Records about Putra Mas was updated
2009-01-28: Management
2010-05-22: ASMP Nr, prev. location

Sources, among others

  • Australasian Region Asian Elephant Studbook (2004) compiled by David Pepper-Edwards, Australia

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