Rani (Rhanee, Ranee) at Royal Melbourne Zoological Park

† Rani (Rhanee, Ranee)
ID Number:Local id Number: 188301 -    ASMP Number: 1 - 
Species: Asian elephant
Sex and age:Female 22 years
Dead date: 1903-12-15
Death reason: unknown:
Location:Royal Melbourne Zoological Park
ArrivedRoyal Melbourne Zoological Park 1883-03-00
from Calcutta Zoo (Alipore Zoological gardens)
Born:1881 wild India
The Royal Melbourne Zoological Park received its first elephant in 1883 from Calcutta, a year after opening an institution modeled after the London Zoo. The female Asian elephant, named Ranee, died 21 years after her arrival.

Records about Rani (Rhanee, Ranee) from Australasian Region Asian Elephant Studbook (2011)
1 F ~ 1881 UNK UNK INDIA ~ 1881 NONE Birth RANEE
MELBOURNE ~ Mar 1883 188301 Transfer
15 Dec 1903 Death
[Death by: Unknown means]

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