Dundry (Jumbo?) at Taronga Zoo

† Dundry (Jumbo?)
ID Number:   ASMP Number: 7 - 
This record may be a duplicate record with Steve (wild) at Phinda Reserve
Species: Asian elephant
Sex and age:Male, unknown years
Dead date: 1923-05-14
Death reason: euthanised: shot, aggressive
Location:Taronga Zoo
ArrivedPhinda Reserve 1918-00-00 from Wirth Circus
Wirth Circus 1905-00-00
from Sydney Zoo (Moore Park)
Sydney Zoo (Moore Park) 1900-00-00
Born: wild
This record may be a duplicate record with Steve (wild) at Phinda Reserve
Contradictory records:
Other sources state he arrived in 1916.

This article indicate that Dundry was also called Jumbo.

Wirths claimed this elephant was the first born in Australia. Possibly they obtained this animal from Moore Park around 1905. There is a report in the Evening Post (NZ) from 1923 of a Jumbo being shot on 14 May 1923. It is mentioned as being Taronga Parks Big Show Elephant. This death date matches the elephant Dundry (Dundray) which is recorded also as being shot on the same date at the same facility.

Records about Dundry (Jumbo?) was updated
2011-12-09: magazine article, alt name Jumbo, reason of death.
2012-03-13: duplicate?
2013-09-01: was indeed the same elephant, merged with 7425 Jumbo at Wirth circus

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