Siam at Circus Benneweis (Cirkus Benneweis)

† Siam
ID Number:
Species: Asian elephant
Sex and age:Female 26 years
Dead date: 1994-07-22
Death reason: euthanised: aggressive. i.v. Penthotal
Location:Circus Benneweis (Cirkus Benneweis)
ArrivedCircus Benneweis (Cirkus Benneweis) 1968-00-00
Born:1968 wild
During tour 1994 in Nyborg, Denmark, Siam attacked the elephant trainer Kim Benneweis, and almost killed him in the ring.

After running out from the tent she was shot on a couple of times with a handheld pistol by a Police officer, resulting in no reaction.

Outside the tent she attacked a visiting elderly man Einar Johannes Kristensen, who was later sent to Odense hospital.

Totally out of control, and aggressive, Siam went out in town Nyborg, why the director Diana Benneweiss called the vet in Givskud safaripark, Vet. Hans Jørgen Pedersen, who arrived at 21.00, and was requested to euthanaise Siam.

Siam, then back on the circus, was first tranqulised with Etorphine/Plegicile mixture, and then euthanised with Penthotal intravenous.

Records about Siam was updated 2008-09-30

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