Thiha Phyu (Thi Ha Phyu) at Cologne Zoo (Zoo Köln)

Female Asian elephant Thiha Phyu (Thi Ha Phyu) at Cologne Zoo (Zoo Köln)

Photo: © Stephanie Wroben, Germany
Thiha Phyu (Thi Ha Phyu)
ID Number:EEP Number: 8004 - 
Species: Asian elephant
Sex and age:Female 37 years
Management:Protected contact
Location:Cologne Zoo (Zoo Köln)
ArrivedCologne Zoo (Zoo Köln) 2004-08-05
from Emmen Zoo
Emmen Zoo 1988-11-08
from Franciscus van den Brink
Franciscus van den Brink 1988-11-00
from Yangon Zoo (Rangoon Zoo)
Born:1980-05-01 wild Myanmar
Offspring and year of birth:
  1. (M) 1997-12-23 Tsje Pyan, EEP nr: 9705
  2. (M) 2002-03-04 Aung Si, EEP nr: 200202
  3. (F) 2007-05-09 Maha Kumari, EEP nr: 200706

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