Sookie (Sooky) at Tulsa Zoo and Living Museum

Sookie (Sooky)
ID Number:   SSP Number: 159 - 
Species: Asian elephant
Sex and age:Female 45 years
Management:Protected contact
Location:Tulsa Zoo and Living Museum
ArrivedTulsa Zoo and Living Museum 1997-06-05
from Overton Park Zoo (Memphis Zoological Garden & Aquarium)
Overton Park Zoo (Memphis Zoological Garden & Aquarium) 1974-07-18
Born:1972 wild
Body weight (kgs and pounds): 4090.91 kg, 9000.00 lbs
Capture: 1973
Sneezy and Sooky both arrived at the Overton Park Zoo in Memphis in July 1974. Three years later Sneezy was loaned to the Tulsa Zoo. Sooky joined him on breeding loan in June 1997 after the completion of Tulsa's new elephant facility. She arrived already managed in protected contact.

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