Doruma (Pinky) at Bronx Zoo

Female African Forest elephant Doruma (Pinky) at Bronx Zoo

Postcard with Pinky in Bronx Zoo.
† Doruma (Pinky)
ID Number:   SSP Number: 313 - 
Species: African Forest elephant
Sex and age:Female 32 years
Dead date: 1970-03-01
Death reason: euthanised:
Location:Bronx Zoo
ArrivedBronx Zoo 1946-10-08
from Gangala-na-Bodio Elephant Domestication Center
Gangala-na-Bodio Elephant Domestication Center 1944-03-15
Born:1938 wild Congo
Capture: 1944

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Sources, among others

  • Richard Chiger
  • Sandra Shoshani

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