Grumpy at Bronx Zoo

† Grumpy
ID Number:   SSP Number: 168 - 
Species: Asian elephant (Elephas maximus)
Sex and age:Female ♀ 31 years old
Dead date: 2002-10-03
Death reason: killed: after sustaining injuries from being beaten up by Patti and Maxine
Location:Bronx Zoo
ArrivedBronx Zoo 1977-03-21
from Lion Country Safari, Inc - Florida
Lion Country Safari, Inc - Florida 1972-00-00
from Lion Country Safari, Inc - Laguna Hills
Lion Country Safari, Inc - Laguna Hills 1972-00-00
Born:1971 wild Thailand
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In 1982 during a publicity stunt, 5000 pounds of football players from Fordham University beat the 5500 pound elephant in a tug of war contest. Two years later at 15 years old, Grumpy weighed 7000 pounds.

In 1972, the Laguna Hills Lion Country Safari in California imported seven Asian calves and dubbed them the "Seven Dwarves." They came from Thailand and cost $800 per elephant. Shortly thereafter they were transferred to the West Palm Beach Lion Country Safari in Florida, minus one that died beforehand.
Sneezy (SB160) was sold to the Memphis Zoo in July 1974 and has resided at the Tulsa Zoo since 1977. Happy (SB208) and Grumpy (SB168) were sold to the Bronx Zoo in March 1977. Happy still lives there with two other females Asian elephants, whereas Grumpy died in 2002. Dopey (SB148, later renamed Cindy) and Bashful (SB151, later renamed Jaz) were sold to Howard Johnson in May 1978 and transferred to his son Gary Johnson of Have Trunk Will Travel in 1987, eventually joining the George Carden Circus in 1993 where they still perform today. Doc (SB272, later renamed Vance) was sold to Bill Swain in June 1980, sold again to Mike Hackenberger of the Bowmanville Zoo eight years later, and died in 2007. The last dwarf, Sleepy, was the calf that never left California.

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