Missy at Detroit Zoo

† Missy
ID Number:   SSP Number: 225 - 
Species: Asian elephant
Sex and age:Female 33 years
Dead date: 1997-10-18
Death reason: euthanised: arthritis
Location:Detroit Zoo
ArrivedDetroit Zoo 1994-11-09 from Fort Worth Zoo
Fort Worth Zoo 1986-04-28
from San Antonio Zoo
San Antonio Zoo 1966-08-12
from Kilroy Ranch
Born:1964 wild India
The Carson & Barnes Circus never had more than five elephants on the show under Jack Moore. The 1962 group included Mabel, Jenny, Josky, Wanda and Suzie. At the close of the season Wanda was sold to a Texas oil man named Kilroy. The same year Kilroy imported another female Asian elephant named Missy, who he had trained by Smokey Jones. Wanda and Missy would then stay together for the next thirty three years until Missy's death in 1997. This included a donation together to the San Antonio Zoo and transfers to the Fort Worth and Detroit zoos.

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