Sauce (Saucy, Jumbo) at Butlins Holiday Camp Skegness

† Sauce (Saucy, Jumbo)
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Species: Asian elephant
Sex and age:Female, unknown years
Dead date: 1960
Death reason: age:
Location:Butlins Holiday Camp Skegness
ArrivedButlins Holiday Camp Skegness 1957-00-00
from Codys Circus (Harry Cody)
Codys Circus (Harry Cody) 1952-05-24
from Ringlands Circus (Big Tom Fosset)
Ringlands Circus (Big Tom Fosset) 1947-00-00
from Dudley Zoo
Dudley Zoo 1945-00-00
from John Swallows circus
John Swallows circus 1922-00-00
from Herbert Taylor (captain Joe Taylor)
Herbert Taylor (captain Joe Taylor) 1904-00-00
from George Lockhart Sr.
George Lockhart Sr. 1902-00-00
from Carl Hagenbecks Tierpark (Neue Pferdemarkt)
Born: wild
1898: From import of India, the 4 elephants Salt, Sauce (later Jumbo), Vinegar and Mustard, were trained by Wilhelm Philadelphia, a number called "The Cruet", which was sold to England in 1902 and later presented as "Lockharts Elephants".

1904: George Lockhart Senior was tragically killed by Sauce.

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