Maxi (Maknah, Mak) at Zurich Zoo

Male Asian elephant Maxi (Maknah, Mak) at Zurich Zoo

Photo: © Heike Klabunde
Maxi (Maknah, Mak)
ID Number:EEP Number: 8110 - 
Species: Asian elephant
Sex and age:Male 48 years
Management:Protected contact
Location:Zurich Zoo
ArrivedZurich Zoo 1981-09-15
from Longleat Safari Park
Longleat Safari Park 1981-00-00
from Mary Chipperfield
Mary Chipperfield 1972-01-17
from Dudley Zoo
Born:1969 wild Thailand
Offspring, year of birth, year of death:

    Total: 13 babies

  1. (F) 1984-07-27 -- † 1995-04-02 Komali, EEP nr: 8410
  2. (F) 1985-05-24 -- † 1988-07-21 Lohimi, EEP nr: 8516
  3. (F) 1986-05-22 -- † 1986-05-22 stillborn, EEP nr: 8607
  4. (F) 1989-02-13 Panang, EEP nr: 8902
  5. (M) 1992-06-13 Mac (Boy), EEP nr: 9201
  6. () 1993-12-00 -- † 1993-12-00 stillborn
  7. (M) 1994-11-14 Upali, EEP nr: 9407
  8. (M) 1997-09-08 -- † 1999-11-20 Xian, EEP nr: 9701
  9. (M) 2000-06-10 -- † 2003-10-15 Aishu, EEP nr: 20002
  10. (F) 2002-05-14 Chandra, EEP nr: 200204
  11. (F) 2005-05-03 Farha, EEP nr: 200507
  12. (M) 2005-07-24 Fahim, EEP nr: 200511
  13. (F) 2014-06-17 Omysha, EEP nr: 201406
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Photo: George Frei, Switzerland.

In the last years Maxis musth time is in the winter. It starts in December or January and ends June or July, and his musth takes nearly a half year. We notice, when we clean his stable floor with water, that about 2 month before the musth really begins, the floor foams. In this time he is very horny, he try it by all cows.
George Frei

Article: "Colchester Zoo - Moto and Toto" at ShowMe Elephants," 09/16/2011

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