India at Lodz Zoo

† India
ID Number:EEP Number: 6307 - 
Species: Asian elephant
Sex and age:Female 47 years
Dead date: 2008-05-26
Death reason: euthanised: foot problemss
Location:Lodz Zoo
ArrivedLodz Zoo 1963-05-04 from George Munro
George Munro 1963-01-00
Born:1961 wild India
Capture: 1963
Contradictory records:
EEG state birth 1958/59, and arrival in Lodz april 1963.

Records about India from EEPEuropean Studbook for Asian elephants state following records for the asian elephant India:

6307 F ~ Nov 1961 WILD WILD WILD ~ 1963 NONE Capture Parent India
MUNRO G ~ Jan 1963 NONE Transfer
LODZ 4 May 1963 1155 Transfer

Source: EEP studbook for Asian elephants online

Records about India was updated
2011-12-20:†update birth, transfer, prev location
2012-07-01:†merged with previous 5604

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