Dick at Forepaugh-Sells Show

† Dick
ID Number:   SSP Number: 691 - 
Species: Asian elephant
Sex and age:Male, unknown years
Dead date: 1900-04-21
Death reason: euthanised: Executed by strangulation closing day in Madison Sq. Garden
Location:Forepaugh-Sells Show
ArrivedForepaugh-Sells Show 1896-00-00
from Adam Forepaugh Circus
Adam Forepaugh Circus 1882-00-00
Born: wild
Adam Forepaugh jr, was almost killed in Lancaster New Hampshire by the dancing elephant,"Old Dick' while trying to load him aboard Forepaugh's elephant palace car.

He was knocked off his horse on to the ground by the elephant and probably about to be gored, when he was saved in a nick of time by the big elephant"Old Betts' who knocked Old Dick away.

Records about Dick from SSPNorth American Studbook for Asian elephants state following records for the asian elephant Dick:

691 M ???? WILD WILD ASIA ???? NONE Capture Dick
FOREPAUGH ???? DICK Transfer
FORE-SELL ???? DICK Transfer
21-Apr-00 Death

Source: SSP studbook for Asian elephants online

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2016-01-05: SSP nr

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