Shirley at Wild Adventures

ID Number:
Species: Asian elephant
Sex and age:Female 73 years
Management:Free contact
Location:Wild Adventures
ArrivedWild Adventures 1994-00-00
from Oscar and Carin Cristiani
Oscar and Carin Cristiani 1967-00-00
from Rudy Brothers Circus
Rudy Brothers Circus 1964-00-00
from Cristiani-Wallace Brothers Circus
Cristiani-Wallace Brothers Circus 1962-00-00
from Diano Brothers Circus
Diano Brothers Circus 1961-00-00
from Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus
Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus 1960-00-00
from Christiani Brothers Circus

from King Brothers Circus
King Brothers Circus 1950-00-00
from Robbins Brothers Circus (Fred Buchanan)
Robbins Brothers Circus (Fred Buchanan) 1949-00-00
from Bailey Brothers Circus
Bailey Brothers Circus 1946-00-00
from Bob Stevens
Bob Stevens 1946-00-00
from Rimberg & Fox (Harry Rimberg and Jack Fox)
Born:1944 wild India
Capture: 1946
Document updated2010-10-05: Previous locations, Birth RE
2010-10-05: corr prev locations
Records about Shirley from Bob Cline
Female Asian 1947 to 1948 - Bailey Bros. Circus
1949 - Robbins Bros. Circus
1950 to 1951 - King Bros. Circus
1952 to 1953 - King Bros. Cristiani Circus
1954 to 1955 - Bailey Cristiani Circus
1956 to 1959 - Cristiani Bros. Circus
1960 - RBBB South America tour
1961 - Tony Diano farm
1962 to 1963 - Cristiani Wallace Circus
1964 to 1966 - Rudy Bros. Circus
1967 to 1995 - Oscar and Carin Cristiani elephant act
1995 to Present - retired at Wild Adventures Animal Park in Valdosta, Ga.

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