Willy at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Male African Bush elephant Willy at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Willy. Disney's Animal Kingdom 11/2010. Photo: © Cleveland.com
ID Number:   SSP Number: 370 - 
Species: African Bush elephant
Sex and age:Male 39 years
Management:Protected contact
Location:Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
ArrivedCleveland Metroparks Zoo 2011-04-05
from Disneys Animal Kingdom
Disneys Animal Kingdom 1998-12-26
from Zoomotion (Bret Bronson)
Zoomotion (Bret Bronson) 1990-10-00
from Four Bears Water Park
Four Bears Water Park 1989-10-00
from Jumbolair (Arthur Jones)
Jumbolair (Arthur Jones) 1983-00-00
from International Animal Exchange (Ferndale)
Born:1978 wild
Body height (m and feet): 3.35 meter, 11.0 feet
Body weight (kgs and pounds): 5909.09 kg, 13000.00 lbs
Capture: 1980
In November 2010, the Cleveland Zoo announced by year's end Willy would arrive, the first male elephant in the zoo's history. He will join Cleveland's three female African elephants returning from loan in Columbus. The new five-acre African Elephant Crossing is slated to open in May 2011 after ground was first broken in 2008.

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