Tonga (Bibi) at Nuremberg Zoo (Tiergarten Nürnberg)

Female African Bush elephant Tonga (Bibi) at Nuremberg Zoo (Tiergarten Nürnberg)

Bibi,as she was called in Copenhagen. Totto is to the left. Copenhagen Zoo guide 1969.
† Tonga (Bibi)
ID Number:
Species: African Bush elephant
Sex and age:Female 14 years
Dead date: 1978-05-11
Death reason: euthanised: discharging and necrotic injuries from foot tumour on the left front leg
Location:Nuremberg Zoo (Tiergarten Nürnberg)
ArrivedNuremberg Zoo (Tiergarten Nürnberg) 1969-05-20
from Johannes Künzler
Johannes Künzler
from C.H. Kragh
C.H. Kragh
from Copenhagen Zoo (Zoologisk Have)
Copenhagen Zoo (Zoologisk Have) 1966-06-18
from C.H. Kragh
C.H. Kragh
from Kruger National Park
Born:1964 wild in
Kruger National Park
Throughout the time in Copenhagen, Bibi was owned by the animal dealer Kragh.

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