Tusko (Sobik) at Portland Zoo (Metro Washington Park Zoo)

† Tusko (Sobik)
ID Number:   SSP Number: 270 - 
Species: Asian elephant
Sex and age:Male 44 years
Dead date: 2015-12-22
Death reason: euthanised: foot problemss and Elephant TB (Mycobacterium tuberculosis)
Location:Portland Zoo (Metro Washington Park Zoo)
ArrivedPortland Zoo (Metro Washington Park Zoo) 2005-06-20
from Have Trunk Will Travel (Gary and Kari Johnson)
Have Trunk Will Travel (Gary and Kari Johnson) 2003-02-01
from Chaffee Zoological Gardens
Chaffee Zoological Gardens 1995-04-17
from Have Trunk Will Travel (Gary and Kari Johnson)
Have Trunk Will Travel (Gary and Kari Johnson) 1992-10-13
from African Lion Safari
African Lion Safari 1987-02-02
from Rex Williams
Rex Williams 1982-00-00
from Circus Vargas
Circus Vargas 1979-00-00
from Rex Williams
Rex Williams 1978-00-00
from Sanford Central Florida Zoological Park
Born:1971 wild Thailand
Offspring, year of birth, year of death:

    Total: 6 babies

  1. (M) 1993-05-02 Nikolai, EEP nr: 9310, SSP nr: 346
  2. (F) 1994-02-27 Natasha, SSP nr: 356
  3. (M) 2005-05-12 Tucker, SSP nr: 632
  4. (M) 2006-12-12 -- † 2010-06-22 JP, SSP nr: 647
  5. (M) 2008-08-23 Sam (Samudra), SSP nr: 649
  6. (F) 2012-11-30 Lily, SSP nr: 743
Tusko endured two surgeries in six weeks to alleviate an untreatable infection in his left tusk. Between February and March 2007 a ten-inch chunk of tusk and dentin was removed the skull of the 13,500-pound Asian elephant.

"In 1981 when I was on Circus Vargas with Rex and Tusko, I remember Tusko being pretty distinctive looking. Short and chunky, with a big square looking head, short thick tusks." //Wade Burck

"When I left the Blue Show, I went back to Fla and had the opportunity to work with him at the Sanford Zoo. He was beating everyone up at the zoo. They had him in a pen with a hippo. Buckles orginally broke him at Circus World in 1978. He was fat and lazy and no one there had a clue how to get around him. He was chained on a long run where he could get shade and water and they just through the feed over the fence, then while he ate they quickly cleaned up until he would chase them out." //Gary Miller

2014: tested positive for tuberculosis.

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2016-01-10: TB
2016-01-10: death records

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