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Yuan Yuan at Shanghai Zoo

† Yuan Yuan
ID Number:
Species: Asian elephant (Elephas maximus)
Sex and age:Male ♂ 5 years old
Dead date: 2006-01-01
Death reason: unknown:
Location:Shanghai Zoo
ArrivedShanghai Zoo 2001-05-00
Born:2001-05-00 captive-born in
Shanghai Zoo
Parents: Bamo x Erna
Siblings through the father Bamo:
  1. (unknown) unknown
  2. 1982-12-31 -- † 2006 (F) Erna
  3. 1986(unknown) unknown
  4. 1989 -- † 1989-00-00 (unknown) unknown
  5. 1992 -- † 2006 (F) Meina (Lina)
  6. 1996-04-12 -- † 2008 (M) Kangkang
  7. 2006-11-00(F) unknown
Yuan Yuans pedigree:

Yuan Yuan




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Erna was bred by her father at least once resulting in a birth: Yuan Yuan in 2001.

An elephant in Shanghai Zoo got a name chosen from many suggested by the public last weekend. The baby Asian elephant was named "Yuan Yuan" after 9,000 entries were received from Shanghai and 11 other provinces and cities. The elephant, 0.92 metre tall, is the fourth member of the zoo's pachyderm family. The name symbolizes the harmonious co-existence of human beings and animals and signifies Shanghai's support for Beijing's bid for the 2008 Olympic Games.
Symbolic Elephant Name, 2001-06-21

The 19-year-old mother elephant Erna lazily paces up and down inside the tall room as her three-month-old son, Yuanyuan, rubs his head against her legs. They ignore visitors who try to cheer them up, showing interest only when zoo keeper Wang Haitong enters their compound with a hose to cool them off.
During the lingering heat, Wang has to chase the elephants outdoors to stretch their legs in the early morning. The rest of the time, they cool themselves in the deep, 300-square-metre pond, waiting for the temperatures to abate.
Although elephants live naturally in tropical climates, they are acclimated to the rainforest, where the frequent rain and dense foliage keep them cool.
In the zoo, the natural environment is much different. Once the temperature rises to 35 degrees centigrade, it's clear that these huge animals feel uncomfortable.
After their early morning exercise, Wang moves them inside, spraying them with cool water several times a day and feeding them green grass and watermelon.
"If I feed them dry grass, they will stand there and stage a hunger strike," Wang smiled.
There are three resident adult elephants and two baby elephants, each of which needs about 50 kilograms of watermelon daily. Because of the expense, they only receive 25 kilograms.

Animal Cool, 2001-08-02

Oral surgeons from the Xuhui District Dental Center in Shanghai fit a very large patient with a false tooth Monday morning.
The dentists were working on Yuanyuan, a 2 1/2-year-old male Asian elephant at the Shanghai Zoo.
With the help of the zoo's veterinarians, dentists inserted a prepared artificial tooth into Yuanyuan's mouth and fixed it in place using special glue.
As the procedure was done without any anesthesia, doctors needed 10 attempts to complete the procedure successfully.
Yuanyuan broke one of his left teeth when playing mischievously last October. The accident resulted in the loss of part of the tooth, which is 6.5 centimeters in length, and the exposure of his gums.
Veterinarians disinfected the injury immediately and kept a close eye on Yuanyuan, zoo officials said.
Although no infection set in, the veterinarians decided to fill the tooth, fearing that if they didn't, the exposed gums may be hurt in the future.
The invited dentists held group consultations and they made a model of Yuanyuan's broken tooth in December.
"The new tooth covers the gums and stops the possibility of infection," said one of the zoo's veterinarians.

Shanghai Elephant Gets A New False Tooth, 2004-01-13

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