Sheila at Belfast Zoo (Bellevue Gardens)

Female Asian elephant Sheila at Belfast Zoo (Bellevue Gardens)

† Sheila
ID Number:
Species: Asian elephant
Sex and age:Female 30 years
Dead date: 1963
Death reason: euthanised: unmanageable due to dermatitis and impacted teeth
Location:Belfast Zoo (Bellevue Gardens)
ArrivedBelfast Zoo (Bellevue Gardens) 1941-00-00
from Denise Austin
Denise Austin 1941-00-00
from Belfast Zoo (Bellevue Gardens)
Belfast Zoo (Bellevue Gardens) 1936-05-00
Born:1933 wild
The baby elephant Sheila dodged the death list in Belfast Zoo and was re-housed by a woman who lived near the zoo and kept her in a back garden. The identity of the adoptive parent is a mystery. She was known only as "the elephant angel".
Who gave a home to elephant Sheila?, 2009-03-23

Denise Austin kept the calf, called Shiela, at her home on the Whitewell Road when Belfast was being bombed in the blitz of 1941. [...] Ms Austin died in 1997.
Baby elephant kept in Belfast backyard is inspiration for book

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