Bobby at Natal Zoo Lion Park

Male Asian elephant Bobby at Natal Zoo Lion Park

Photo: Lee Sambrook, Whipsnade wildlife park, UK.
† Bobby
ID Number:
Species: Asian elephant
Sex and age:Male 38 years
Dead date: 2008
Death reason: euthanised: tetanus from a wound in the foot
Location:Natal Zoo Lion Park
ArrivedNatal Zoo Lion Park 1991-02-00
from Sir Robert Fossetts Circus
Sir Robert Fossetts Circus 1970-00-00
from Tyseley Pet Stores
Tyseley Pet Stores 1970-00-00
from Friendship Trading Birds and Animals
Born:1970 unknown

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2009-03-25: previous locations
2009-03-25: exporter in Thailand
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Sources, among others

  • Jim Stockley, South Africa

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