Hanako at Inokashira Park Zoo

Female Asian elephant Hanako at Inokashira Park Zoo

† Hanako
ID Number:JAZA Number: 22 - 
Species: Asian elephant
Sex and age:Female 69 years
Dead date: 2016-05-26
Death reason: euthanised: collapsed, couldnt stand up
Location:Inokashira Park Zoo
ArrivedInokashira Park Zoo 1954-03-05
from Ueno Zoo
Ueno Zoo 1950-00-00
from Japan Travelling Zoo
Japan Travelling Zoo 1949-00-00
from Ueno Zoo
Born:1947 wild Thailand
Hanako was believed to be the oldest Asian elephant in Japan.

She was the first elephant imported to Japan following World War II. In 1956, she killed a drunk visitor who entered her enclosure. Four years later she killed a keeper. She was transitioned to Protected Contact in September 2011 following a string of aggressive behaviors towards keepers in a five year period.

Records about Hanako was updated
2010-05-18:�arrival date
2011-09-21:�Management, Mankiller, Text RE
2012-11-25:�jaza nr
2016-05-28: dead

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