Koko (Babe, Bama) at Buffalo Zoo

† Koko (Babe, Bama)
ID Number:   SSP Number: 533 - 
Species: Asian elephant
Sex and age:Female 56 years
Dead date: 1954-04-00
Death reason: disease: stroke
Location:Buffalo Zoo
ArrivedBuffalo Zoo 1939-00-00
from Cole Brothers Circus
Cole Brothers Circus 1935-00-00
from Birmingham Zoo
Birmingham Zoo 1934-00-00
Born:1898 wild
Records about Koko (Babe, Bama) from Bob Cline
Koko/Bama, Female Asian
1934 - Birmingham, Alabama Zoo ( called Babe )
1935 to 1938 - Cole Bros. Circus (called Bama)
1939 - Went to the Buffalo Zoo( called Koko )
1939 to 1954 - Buffalo Zoo
Died - April 1954 at Zoo

Contradictory records:
The research of Bob Cline states Koko arrived at the Buffalo Zoo in 1939, though the North American Regional Studbook for the Asian Elephant states the arrival in 1943. Mr. Cline also lists a death date of April 1954, whereas the Studbook states July 1952. However, the Studbook lists no history for this elephant other than her residence at the Buffalo Zoo.

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