Juno at National Elephant Center U.S.A.

† Juno
ID Number:   SSP Number: 196 - 
Species: African Bush elephant
Sex and age:Female 35 years
Dead date: 2015-08-03
Death reason: disease: intestinal disease?
Location:National Elephant Center U.S.A.
ArrivedNational Elephant Center U.S.A. 2015-04-21
from Nashville Zoo
Nashville Zoo 2010-11-03
from Jackson Zoological Garden
Jackson Zoological Garden 1982-04-01
from Jurgen C. Schulz
Born:1980 wild South Africa
Capture: 1982
In 2008, Juno and Rosy were weighed on portable truck scales borrowed from the Mississippi Department of Transportation. 28 year old Juno weighed 8300 pounds while 37 year old Rosy weighed 8650 pounds.

Records about Juno was updated
2010-04-19:�New elephant
2017-02-01: dead

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