Hank (Henrietta) at James Christy Cole Circus

† Hank (Henrietta)
ID Number:
Species: Asian elephant
Sex and age:Female, unknown years
Dead date: 1961-04-27
Death reason: unknown: by execution in Texas
Location:James Christy Cole Circus
ArrivedJames Christy Cole Circus 1959-00-00
from Diano Brothers Circus
Diano Brothers Circus 1953-00-00
from Wallace Brothers
Wallace Brothers 1952-00-00
from Campa Brothers Circus
Campa Brothers Circus 1951-00-00
from Dailey Brothers Circus
Dailey Brothers Circus 1943-00-00
from Charles Weir elephant act
Records about Hank (Henrietta) from Bob Cline
Female Asian 1928 to 1943 - Charles Weir elephant act
1943 to 1950 - Dailey Bros. Circus
1951 - Campa Bros. Circus
1952 - Wallace Bros. Circus
1953 - Diano Bros. Circus
1954 - Ben Davenport gave to Corky Plunkett
1959 to 1961 - James Christy Circus
killed James John Orr Monday April 24th, 1961
Marion Plunkett - owner 40 years old
Died - April 27, 1961 by execution in Texas

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