Kadira at Prague Zoo (Zoo Praha)

† Kadira
ID Number:EEP Number: 7114 - 
Species: Asian elephant
Sex and age:Male 33 years
Dead date: 2002-08-13
Death reason: euthanised: during the Elbe flooding catastrophe
Location:Prague Zoo (Zoo Praha)
ArrivedPrague Zoo (Zoo Praha) 1971-09-19
from Sri Lanka National Zoological Gardens (Dehiwela Zoo)
Sri Lanka National Zoological Gardens (Dehiwela Zoo) 1969-06-18
Born:1969 wild Sri Lanka
Euthanized during the catastrophe when the dammwalls in the river had to be opened in late summer 2002, when the water from the river partly drowned the Zoo in Prague.

Records about Kadira was updated 2007-05-01

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