Ellie May at Belle Vue Zoological Gardens

† Ellie May
ID Number:
Species: Asian elephant
Sex and age:Female, unknown years
Dead date: 1977
Death reason: euthanised: gunshot;; pnemonia, heart failure
Location:Belle Vue Zoological Gardens
ArrivedBelle Vue Zoological Gardens
Born: wild
"A 15-year-old elephant, Ellie May, had acquired an undeserved reputation for being dangerous, which made her extremely difficult to sell. Her food costs became difficult to justify, but Grayson refused to have her put down. Although he left the zoo in January 1978, Grayson returned frequently to care for Ellie May, the last animal left at the zoo. Eventually Rotterdam Zoo agreed to take her, and plans were made to transport the elephant to the Netherlands. Ellie May refused to budge however, and overnight developed pneumonia and heart failure. Grayson and veterinary surgeon, David Taylor, felt that she would not recover, and decided to call in a marksman to euthanise her." //Wikipedia

Ellie Mae was euthanised in 1977 when she refused to enter transport at the closure of the park.

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