Boy at Kiev Zoo

Male Asian elephant Boy at Kiev Zoo

Photo: Anna Westbury, Kiev Zoo
† Boy
ID Number:EEP Number: 7002 - 
Species: Asian elephant
Sex and age:Male 40 years
Dead date: 2010-04-26
Death reason: unknown: poisoned?
Location:Kiev Zoo
ArrivedKiev Zoo 1972-12-07
from Zoocentrum Moskwa (Objed)
Zoocentrum Moskwa (Objed) 1972-12-01
from Rostock Zoo
Rostock Zoo 1970-01-00
Born:1970 unknown
Body height (m and feet): 3.30 meter, 10.8 feet
Offspring, year of birth, year of death:

    Total: 1 babies

  1. (M) 1985-12-01 -- † 1987 Kij, EEP nr: 8501
Document updated2009-12-09: Shoulderheight, date of arrival in Kiev, birth status, transfer to PC from NC.
2010-04-26: death, poisoned
2010-04-28: not poisoned? Investigation
2011-03-16: mankiller
2012-02-29: corrected height
Contradictory records:
The EEG stated arrival In Kiev 1972-08-08 is most probably wrong.

2009-12-09: Shoulderheight: 3.45 metres? (not confirmed?).
2009-12-09: Arrival in Kiev 1972-12-07 confirmed. In Kiev listed as captive-born.
2010-04-26: died, according to the Zoo in Kiev, poisoned.
2010-04-27: Some remain skeptical about the poisoning theory.
2010-04-28: Whether Boy, the Kyiv municipal zoos only elephant, died on April 26 from poisoning or simply from poor care, is part of an ongoing investigation.

Is said to have killed 2 keepers and crushed one more.

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