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Parc Paradisio (Pairi Daiza) has 14 living Asian elephants (3,11).

Name - stud nr.
Species - Sex Status Origin - birth Age Parents Arrival date
From Khaing Hnin Hnin -
(EEP 8215)
EM - FFCunknown 1982-09-13
Unknown Myanmar34 x 2014-10-09 from
Hannover Zoo Qiyo -
(EEP 201500)
EM - FFCcaptive-born 2015-06-16
Parc Paradisio (Pairi Daiza) 1 Chang x Khaing Phyo Phyo 2015-06-16
Parc Paradisio (Pairi Daiza) Aye Chan May (Aye Shan May) -
(EEP 9511)
EM - FPCunknown 1995-08-13
Unknown Myanmar21 x 2013-07-11 from
Cologne Zoo (Zoo Köln) Farina -
(EEP 200302)
EM - FFCcaptive-born 2003-03-20
Hannover Zoo 13 Calvin (Chanda) x Khaing Hnin Hnin 2014-10-09 from
Hannover Zoo Mala -
(EEP 6609)
EM - FFCwild 1964-00-00
Unknown India52 x 2012-07-04 from
Carl Hagenbecks Tierpark (Stellingen) Soraya -
(EEP 201012)
EM - FFCcaptive-born 2010-12-09
Hannover Zoo 6 Nikolai x Khaing Hnin Hnin 2014-10-09 from
Hannover Zoo Amithi -
(EEP 201214)
EM - FFCcaptive-born 2012-12-24
Hannover Zoo 4 Nikolai x Farina 2014-10-09 from
Hannover Zoo Dunja -
EM - FFCwild 1969
Unknown 47 x 2015-00-00 from
Anton Frank (Cirlus Maximum) Maly (Malay) -
(EEP 201307)
EM - FFCcaptive-born 2013-03-13
Hannover Zoo 3 Nikolai x Khaing Hnin Hnin 2014-10-09 from
Hannover Zoo Rani -
(EEP 8401)
EM - FFCwild 1982
Unknown Myanmar34 x 2012-11-00 from
Circus Knie Nang Faa -
(EEP 201500)
EM - FFCcaptive-born 2015-05-20
Parc Paradisio (Pairi Daiza) 1 Nikolai x Farina 2015-05-20
Parc Paradisio (Pairi Daiza) Khin Yadanar Min -
(EEP 200911)
EM - MPCcaptive-born 2009-07-27
Cologne Zoo (Zoo Köln) 7 Bindu x Aye Chan May (Aye Shan May) 2013-07-11 from
Cologne Zoo (Zoo Köln) Chamundi (Magnum) -
(EEP 9207)
EM - Munknowncaptive-born 1992-05-25
Carl Hagenbecks Tierpark (Stellingen) 24 Ganesha (Swethavarna) x Yashoda 2014-02-04 from
Amersfoort Zoo Po Chin -
(EEP 20003)
EM - Munknowncaptive-born 2000-07-18
Chester Zoo 16 Chang x Jangolie 2010-04-19 from
Ieper Zoo (Bellewaerde Park)

Parc Paradisio (Pairi Daiza) has 3 living African bush elephants (0,3).

Name - stud nr.
Species - Sex Status Origin - birth Age Parents Arrival date
From Daela -
LA - FFCwild
Unknown ? x from
Anton Frank (Cirlus Maximum) Suzy (Susy) -
LA - FFCwild 1988
Unknown 28 x 2010-08-28 from
Harry Malter familypark Gitana (Schitana) -
LA - FFCwild
Unknown ? x 2013-05-08 from
Circus Schollini (Afrikas Big Circus, Don Carlos, Circus Montecarlo) Jonny Weisheit
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