La Palmyre Zoo in France

CollectionKept totally 14, 4 present (1,3,0), 8 births, 6 relocated, 4 deaths
LocationB.P. 08, 17570, Les Mathes / La Palmyre, France
Type: zoo

La Palmyre Zoo has 4 living Asian elephants (1,3).

Name - stud nr.
Species - Sex
Status Origin - birth Age Parents Arrival date
Alix -
(EEP 8303)
EM - F
FCunknown 1983-01-05
Unknown Myanmar
31 x 1991-01-11 from
Soest Zoo
Malicia -
(EEP 8402)
EM - F
FCunknown 1984-01-13
Unknown Myanmar
30 x 1991-01-11 from
Soest Zoo
Ziha -
(EEP 200603)
EM - F
FCcaptive-born 2006-01-27
La Palmyre Zoo
8 Chinto x Alix 2006-01-27
La Palmyre Zoo
Chinto -
(EEP 8304)
EM - M
NCunknown 1969
45 x 1983-01-25 from
Frejus Safari Park
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