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Circus Atlas (Circus Frankello)circusAufhausen
Circus Schollini (Afrikas Big Circus, Don Carlos, Circus Montecarlo) Jonny Weisheitcircus
Kronberg ZoozooKronberg

There are 34 elephants with keyword Afrika mentioned in the database

Afrika 6502 LAFcaptive-born1965-08-28dead1982Vauka x OpelineKronberg Zoo1965-08-28
Afrikano 6808 LAMcaptive-born1968-04-15dead1981Vauka x OpelineKronberg Zoo1968-04-15
Afrykanka (Afrikanka, Nel?) LAFwild1971dead1998-04-12 x Wroclaw Zoo (Zoo Breslau)1975-02-10
Ali LAMwild1980dead2004-01-19 x Kronberg Zoo1983-06-24
Anja LAFwild1973dead2008-09-00 x Circus Voyage (Alois Spindler)2005-00-00
Aruba 7902 LAFwild1979unknown x Kronberg Zoo1981-09-17
Benji (Benjamin, Baby) LAFwildunknown x Stukenbrock Safaripark2015-06-00
Chuppek (Chupped) LAFwild1978-00-00FC x Circus Voyage (Alois Spindler)
Conti LAMwild1955dead1971-05-00 x Kronberg Zoo1955-06-01
Daela (Delia) LAFwildFC x Parc Paradisio (Pairi Daiza)
Gandhi (Gandia, Ghandia) EMFwild1972?FC x Circus Schollini (Afrikas Big Circus, Don Carlos, Circus Montecarlo) Jonny Weisheit
Gitana (Chitana, Schitana) LAFwildFC x Parc Paradisio (Pairi Daiza)2013-05-08
Lilly LAFwildFC x Circus Holiday (Ronald Spindler)
Mausi LAFwild1986-06-00dead2012-01-17 x Parc Paradisio (Pairi Daiza)2012-01-17
Max LAMwild1985dead2011-04-00 x La Teste Zoo du Bassin d´Arcachon2007-06-00
Miriam (Maria?) EMFwild1966dead1998-03-00 x Circus Schollini (Afrikas Big Circus, Don Carlos, Circus Montecarlo) Jonny Weisheit
Moja LAFwild1984?FC x Circus Schollini (Afrikas Big Circus, Don Carlos, Circus Montecarlo) Jonny Weisheit
Opeline 5201 LAFwild1952dead1993-06-14 x Kronberg Zoo1955-06-01
Sahib LAMwild1982dead2011-03-01 x Platschow Elefantenhof (Sonni Frankello)2001-00-00
Salima LAFwildFC x Circus Berolina (Spindler)
Sandra LAFwild1980FC x Platschow Elefantenhof (Sonni Frankello)2004-04-27
Sandrin LAFwild1983dead2012-06-18 x Circus Krone1984-00-00
Sikkim 20046 LAFwild1979dead2007-07-17 x Osnabruck Zoo2003-08-19
Sonya (Sonja) LAFwild1975dead2015-09-08 x Lars Hölscher
Suna LAFFC x Circus Holiday (Ronald Spindler)
Tamo 200800 LAMcaptive-born2008-01-13FCTusker x SweniKronberg Zoo2013-04-17
Tana 20006 LAFcaptive-born2001-05-04FCTembo x PoriHalle Zoo2008-07-17
Temba LAFFC x Circus Holiday (Ronald Spindler)
Tonga LAFwild1984?FC x Circus Schollini (Afrikas Big Circus, Don Carlos, Circus Montecarlo) Jonny Weisheit1986-00-00
Toto LAFwild1964dead1992-03-00 x Kronberg Zoo1982-12-14
Tundra LAFwilddead2011-01-12 x Circus Berolina (Spindler)
Vauka 5501 LAMwild1955dead1977-10-00 x Kronberg Zoo1955-06-01
Wankie 8207 LAFwild1982dead2014-11-16 x Kronberg Zoo1984-03-13
Zimba 8208 LAFwild1982unknown x Kronberg Zoo1984-03-13

Sorry, no country matching your query Afrika.

There are 5 books which contain the word Afrika in the database

Afrikas Elefanten

Reinhard Künkel

Der Elefant in Natur und Kulturgeschichte

Karl Gröning, Martin Saller

Djur i Afrika

Jane Goodall

Elefantens vita betar : rapporter från djurlivet på Afrikas hotade savanner

Staffan Ulfstrand

Rettet die Elefanten Afrikas

Vitus B. Dröscher

There are 1 external link in the database including query Afrika.

  1. Rettet die elefanten afrikas e.V. (elephant organisation website)
    Durch Spendengelder werden Elefanten-Schutzprojekte und Anti-Wilderer-Aktionen in Ost- und Zentralafrika finanziert. Die Forderung nach einem dauerhaften weltweiten Elfenbein-Boykott wird mit allem Nachdruck unterstützt.

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