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Amerapoora Palace of the White ElephantcampMandalay
Bandipur National Park wildChamarajanagar
Bastian timbers (T.R. Antony)privateThrissur
Jayachamaraja Wadiyar BahadurprivateMysore
João Pessoa Arruda Camara Zoo (Parque Zoobotânico Arruda Câmara)zooJoão Pessoa
Krishna Raja Wadiyar IVprivateMysore
M. K. IbrahimprivateKozhikode
Millennium Elephant FoundationprivateKegalle
Mummadi Krishnaraja WodeyarprivateMysore
Mysore Palace TempletempleMysore
Mysore Zoo (Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens)zooMysore
Rahman M. K. AbdulprivateKozhikode
Samaragiri Club Concept Elephant BathcampKegalle
Wonderland CityzooSydney

There are 55 elephants with keyword Amara mentioned in the database

Ruby 1964 x Mysore Palace Temple
Abhimanyu EMMcaptive-born2004-11-00FC x Mysore Zoo (Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens)2004-11-00
Airavathi EMFcaptive-born2003FC x Mysore Zoo (Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens)2003-00-00
Alawathura Menike EMFwild0FC x Millennium Elephant Foundation
Alice (Princess Alice) EMFwild1876dead1941-11-25 x Wirth Circus1908-00-00
Amara EMFcaptive-born2004-10-29FC x ThilakaTama Zoological Park2012-11-30
Bandara EMMFC x Millennium Elephant Foundation2011-11-00
Biligiriranga EMMwild1911dead x Jayachamaraja Wadiyar Bahadur
Chanchal EMFwildFC x Mysore Palace Temple2001-00-00
Chenthamarakshan EMMwildFC x Guruvayur Devaswom Aanathavalam (Punnathur Kota)
Damara LAMwild1998FC x Askari Game Lodge (Plumari Africa game lodge)
Drona EMcaptive-born2004FC x ChaitraMysore Zoo (Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens)2016-12-27
Gajalaxmi EMFcaptive-born1980-00-00FC x Mysore Zoo (Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens)1979-00-00
Ganesha (Swethavarna) EMMwilddead2000-06-00 x Mysore Zoo (Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens)1951-00-00
Gemini (Jamini) EMFwild1964FC x Mysore Palace Temple2001-00-00
Indra EMFwildFC x Mysore Palace Temple1994-00-00
Iravatha EMMwilddead1952-07-00 x Jayachamaraja Wadiyar Bahadur1940-00-00
Ishwarya EMFunknown2001FC x Mysore Zoo (Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens)
Jayaprakash EMMwild0FC x Mysore Zoo (Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens)
Karuna EMFwild0FC x Millennium Elephant Foundation
Kaveri Raja EMMunknownFC x Millennium Elephant Foundation2011-01-00
Kollegala EMFunknown2002FC x Mysore Zoo (Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens)
Komala EMFcaptive-born1996dead2004-10-08Gajalaxmi x JayaprakashMysore Zoo (Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens)1996-00-00
Lakshmi EMFwild0FC x Millennium Elephant Foundation1999-08-00
Lakshmi EMFFC x Mysore Zoo (Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens)2016-12-27
Madesha EMMwild2007-06-12FC x Mysore Zoo (Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens)2007-07-07
Padmavathi (Padmavati) EMFunknown1958FC x Mysore Zoo (Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens)1954-00-00
Parvathi EMFcaptive-born2017-07-21FCAbhimanyu x AiravathiMysore Zoo (Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens)2017-07-21
Pattabhiraama (Pattabhi Raman) EMMwilddead x Krishna Raja Wadiyar IV1935-00-00
Pooja EMFcaptive-born1984-08-05FC x LakshmiMillennium Elephant Foundation1999-08-00
Preeti EMFwildFC x Mysore Palace Temple2001-00-00
Raja EMMFC x Millennium Elephant Foundation2005-00-00
Raja EMcaptive-born2008FC x ChaitraMysore Zoo (Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens)2018-01-25
Rajendra EMMwilddead x Mysore Palace Temple1974-00-00
Rajeshwari EMFwildFC x Mysore Palace Temple1999-00-00
Raji EMMwildFC x Mysore Palace Temple
Rama EMMwild1995FC x Mysore Zoo (Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens)1995-00-00
Rani EMFwild1980FC x Millennium Elephant Foundation2002-00-00
Richie LAMcaptive-born1995FCTimbo x Zambi (Jambi)Mysore Zoo (Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens)1995-00-00
Roopa (Rupa) EMFwild1990dead2004-09 x Mysore Zoo (Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens)
Saliya EMMunknownFC x Millennium Elephant Foundation2008-00-00
Sinbyudaw (Lord White Elephant) EMM1805dead x Amerapoora Palace of the White Elephant
Sita EMFwildFC x Mysore Palace Temple2001-00-00
stillborn EMcaptive-born1970-00-00dead1970-00-00 x unknownMysore Zoo (Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens)1970-00-00
Sumana EMFunknowndead2011-10-28 x Millennium Elephant Foundation2008-09-00
Tamara 7401 EMFwild1973FC x Pistoia Zoo (Giardino Zoologico di Pistoia)1974-01-01
Tamara (Thamara) 200517 EMFcaptive-born2005-08-23FC Neelagiri x ThammennaPrague Zoo (Zoo Praha)2012-10-07
Tammy (Tamara) 163EMFwild1952dead2003-09-10 x Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)1995-09-30
Timbo LAMwild1970?dead2016-05-24 x Mysore Zoo (Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens)1976-00-00
unknown EMMwild2007-06-00dead2007 x Mysore Zoo (Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens)2007-07-07
unknown EMFwilddead1970 x Mysore Zoo (Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens)
unknown EMwild2007dead x Mysore Zoo (Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens)2007-08-21
unknown EMwilddead x Krishna Raja Wadiyar IV
Vijaya Bahadur EMMwilddead x Krishna Raja Wadiyar IV
Zambi (Jambi) LAFwild1965dead2009-03-09 x Mysore Zoo (Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens)1976-00-00

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