There are 32 elephants with keyword Anorexia mentioned in the database

Bonus LAMcaptive-born2008-08-26dead2008-09-05noname x PongooseElephant Experience2008-08-26
Boonnum EMMwilddead2005-10-12 x FAE Elephant Hospital2005-10-12
Chari LCFwild2010dead2010-08-00 x S.O.S. Elephants of Chad elephant orphanage2010-00-00
Chepam (Teduh) EMFwild1990dead2007-05-00 x Perth Zoo1992-12-15
Damini EMFwild1943dead1999-05-00 x Lucknow Zoo1998-04-00
Dolly 150EMFwild1969dead2016-09-03 x Denver Zoo2002-05-06
Editha 0602 EMFcaptive-born1906-12-18dead1907-01-12Harry x Kalifa (Toni)Berlin Zoo1906-12-18
Hanako EMFwilddead1943-09-11 x Ueno Zoo1935-06-00
Jon (John) EMMwild1918dead1943-08-29 x Ueno Zoo1924-10-00
Kammoon EMunknownunknownlost x Unknown2005-10-13
Kamsook EMunknownwild x Unknown
Kamsri EMFwilddead2006-05-07 x FAE Elephant Hospital2006-05-06
Kapila EMMunknown1992dead2009-09-00 x Ragama temple (unknown name)2003-00-00
Kimbo 167EMFwild1970dead2014-10-10 x Denver Zoo2012-12-20
Lemek LAFwilddead2012-02-05 x David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Nairobi nursery2012-01-29
Nauke EMM<1906dead1916 x Circus Carl Hagenbeck - Stellingen (Lorenz Hagenbeck)1916-03-00
noname (wild, Annabels calf) LAunknownwilddead1975 x AnnabelleAmboseli National Park
Nongmai EMunknownunknownlost x Unknown
notnamed 201500 LAcaptive-born2015-12-04dead2016-02-00Coco x InfinitaCabarceno Zoo Obregon (Parque de la Naturaleza de Cabarceno)2015-12-04
orphan unknown name EMMwild2011dead2011-10-28 x Bannerghatta Biological Park Zoo2011-10-26
Pushpakali EMF<1940dead2017-12-11 x Dudhwa elephant base camp (Dudhwa National Park)1986-00-00
Shani 143EMFcaptive-born1983-04-21dead1983-05-17Thai (Thailand) x InduHouston Zoo1983-04-21
Shiva 8404 EMFwild1972dead1993-09-21 x Cricket St Thomas Wildlife Park1992-06-07
Shmetty (Aisha) LAFwild1974dead1974-00-00 x David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Voi1974-00-00
Somwang EMwilddead2017-02-25 x FAE Elephant Hospital
Tangi LAFcaptive-born1968-06-04dead1968-06-18Tembo x IringaHannover Zoo1968-06-04
Tongbai EMunknownwildlost x Unknown
Tonki (Tonky) EMFwild1920dead1943-09-23 x Ueno Zoo1924-10-00
unknown 4501 EMFcaptive-born1945-09-24dead1945-10-01Piccolo (Picolo) x MoniqueParis Zoo Vincennes1945-09-24
unknown EMMunknown1996dead2007-03-08 x New Delhi Zoo2006-00-00
unknown EMwild2009dead2009-08-20 x Uda Walawe Elephant Transit Home (ETH) Udawalawa Eth Athuru Sewana2009-08-08
Vanni 7310 LAFwild1973dead2006-08 x Nikolaev Zoo2005-10-03

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