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A. J. W. Milroydealer
Assam unspecified forestprivate
George MunrodealerBremen
Guwahati Zoo (Assam Zoo)privateGuwahati
Orang National ParkwildTezpur
Port Lympne ZoozooKent
Sonepur Mela Haathi Bazaar (Harihar Kshetra Mela)dealerOrissa

There are 81 elephants with keyword Assam mentioned in the database

Ashoka EMMcaptive-born1998-08-20dead1999-07-26Bindu x PugliPort Lympne Zoo1998-08-20
Assam 7004 EMMcaptive-born1970-03-07dead1994-06-29Moti (Mohti) x BurmaPort Lympne Zoo1977-06-27
Assam 6703 EMMwild1952dead2000-01-26 x Kharkiv Zoo (Kharkov Zoo)1968-08-06
Assam EMMwilddead1942-05-20 x Circus Krone1913-00-00
Assam 20004 EMMcaptive-born2000-10-07PCChang x Thai (Thi Ha Way)Budapest Zoo2009-10-27
Assam EMMwild1960dead1970-05-14 x Erfurt Zoo1962-02-23
Assam 201204 EMMcaptive-born2012-04-13FCHussein x Lai SinhAntwerp Zoo (Zoo Antwerpen Dierentuin)2017-08-10
Aussan (Assam) 120EMFwild1957FC x Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Center for Elephant Conservation2016-05-03
Babe (Assam) 80EMFwild1967dead2008-01-24 x Fort Worth Zoo1991-02-02
Barbara (Sheva) 253EMFwild1966dead2001-05-18 x Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary (TES)1996-04-25
Bindu 7103 EMMwild1968PC x Cologne Zoo (Zoo Köln)2004-09-10
Bishnupriya EMFunknown2005FC x Temple of Sri Sri Radha Madhava (Krishna world headquarters)2010-03-30
Buria 7102 EMFwild1969dead2017-02-24 x Neunkirchen Zoo2010-04-29
Chilarai EMwildFC2007-12-00 x unknownGuwahati Zoo (Assam Zoo)2007-12-00
Damayanthi EMFcaptive-born2004-03-29wild x PhuleswariOrang National Park
Davida (Veda) EMFwild1966dead1993-07-04 x Port Lympne Zoo1988-05-19
Dora 7605 EMFwild1974PC x La Barben Zoo (Parc Zoologique De La Barben)1998-07-01
Dumbo 7604 EMFwild1972PC x Planckendael Zoo2012-06-18
Duvel 7603 EMFwild1974dead1996-06-07 x Antwerp Zoo (Zoo Antwerpen Dierentuin)1976-06-11
Gunda 399EMMwild1897dead1915-06-21 x Bronx Zoo1904-07-02
Gypsy (Matsho, Hope) 371EMFwild1967PC x Performing Animal Welfare Society / ARK 2000 (PAWS)
Hamren EMMwild2006wild x Manas National Park2011-00-00
Hanuma 6819 EMFwild1968unknown x Termez Zoo1973-07-00
Issa 9401 LAFcaptive-born1994-07-27dead2013-04-10?Yossi x Lara (Amy)Port Lympne Zoo2006-06-15
Jony 5710 EMMwild1957unknown x Unknown
Josky (Patne) 252EMFwild1967dead2010-01-08 x Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Center for Elephant Conservation1995-07-03
Juva LAMcaptive-born2006-09-25dead2012-12-28Jums x Stuvite (Stavit)Port Lympne Zoo2011-00-00
killed 8411 EMFcaptive-born1984-08-17dead1984-08-17Assam x PugliPort Lympne Zoo1984-08-17
Kruger 8403 LAMwild1984dead2015-10-23 x Port Lympne Zoo2006-10-04
Lara (Amy) 7702 LAFcaptive-born1977-11-17dead2011-09-06Timbo x AtariPort Lympne Zoo2006-06-15
Laxmipriya (Faguni) EMFunknown2002FC x Temple of Sri Sri Radha Madhava (Krishna world headquarters)2008-03-07
Löcky (Lukhi) 0301 EMMwild1898dead1945 x Circus Krone1928-00-00
Madhavi EMFwildFC x Guwahati Zoo (Assam Zoo)
Mala (Lalea) 254EMFwild1970FC x Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Center for Elephant Conservation1984-09-15
Mamoni EMFunknown1980dead2012-01-18 x Kaziranga unspecified elephant camp
Minyak 255EMFwild1966dead2012-06-27 x Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Center for Elephant Conservation1984-09-15
Motki 7105 EMFwild1969FC x Sosto Zoo (Nyiregyhazi Allatpark)2009-09-12
Mumtas Mahal 7111 EMFwild1970FC x Krefeld Zoo1983-00-00
Nika 6002 EMFwild1958dead1999-12-01 x Estepona Selwo safari park1999-10-22
noname (wild bull) EMMwildwild x Orang National Park
Onyx (Big Mac) 104EMMwild1962dead2002-05-22 x Dickerson Park Zoo1980-09-26
Phuleswari EMFunknown1986wild x Orang National Park
Poonam kali EMFunknownFC x Chitwan Hattisar (Sauraha Elephant Breeding Centre)2005-00-00
Pugli 7104 EMFwild1969dead2007-04-23 x Terra Natura theme park, Benidorm2006-07-00
Rani 7101 EMFwild1969unknown x Neunkirchen Zoo2010-04-29
Rhena 7112 EMFwild1970FC x Krefeld Zoo1971-08-31
Schöpfi 6004 EMFwild1958dead2010-02-03 x Dresden Zoo1960-10-07
Shanti 7704 EMFwild1976FC x Prague Zoo (Zoo Praha)1977-06-03
Shara (Sara) 7801 556LAFcaptive-born1978-01-17dead2008-07-00Timbo x MotekPort Lympne Zoo2006-06-16
Sikom EMMwild2007wild x Manas National Park
Sitang EMMcaptive-born2002-06-30dead2005-08-15Luka x Khaing Phyo PhyoPort Lympne Zoo
Sonja EMFwild1956dead1971-07-30 x Magdeburg Zoo1960-10-07
stillborn 200505 EMMcaptive-born2005-05-28dead2005-05-28Luka x Yu Yu YinPort Lympne Zoo2005-05-28
stillborn EMFcaptive-born2005-07-12dead2005-07-12Luka x Tin Tin HtooPort Lympne Zoo2005-07-12
stillborn 8713 EMFcaptive-born1987-12-08dead1987-12-08Bindu x RaniPort Lympne Zoo1987-12-08
stillborn EMMcaptive-born1993-06-21dead1993-06-21Bindu x Davida (Veda)Port Lympne Zoo1993-06-21
stillborn EMMcaptive-born1996-03-29dead1996-03-29Assam x PugliPort Lympne Zoo1996-03-29
stillborn (twin) 9014 EMFcaptive-born1990-06-24dead1990-06-24Bindu x Yasmin (Yasmine)Port Lympne Zoo1990-06-24
stillborn (twin) 9015 EMFcaptive-born1990-07-22dead1990-07-22Bindu x Yasmin (Yasmine)Port Lympne Zoo1990-07-22
Sukhi EMFwilddead x Unknown1923-11-23
Tin Tin Htoo 8311 EMFunknown1983-09-30dead2005-07-13 x Port Lympne Zoo1999-11-22
unknown 1901 EMFwilddead x Unknown1919-10-10
unknown 1902 EMFwilddead x Unknown1920-01-02
unknown 1903 EMFwilddead x Unknown1920-00-00
unknown EMFwild2007-12-00FC x Guwahati Zoo (Assam Zoo)2008-01-06
unknown EMwild2006dead2006 x Guwahati Zoo (Assam Zoo)2006-00-00
unknown EMFwilddead x Leipzig Zoo
unknown EMFwilddead x Leipzig Zoo
unknown EMunknownFC x Guwahati Zoo (Assam Zoo)
unknown EMMunknown x Guwahati Zoo (Assam Zoo)
unknown EMMunknownFC x Guwahati Zoo (Assam Zoo)
unknown EMMunknownFC x Guwahati Zoo (Assam Zoo)
unknown EMMunknownFC x Guwahati Zoo (Assam Zoo)
unknown EMMunknownFC x Guwahati Zoo (Assam Zoo)
unknown EMMunknownFC x Guwahati Zoo (Assam Zoo)
unknown EMFunknownFC x Guwahati Zoo (Assam Zoo)
unknown EMFunknownFC x Guwahati Zoo (Assam Zoo)
unknown EMMwild2010-02-28dead2010-03-24 x noname (wild)Guwahati Zoo (Assam Zoo)2010-02-28
unknown EMFwildFC x Kaziranga Center for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation (CWRC)2013-05-06
unknown EMFdead2016-11-25 x Kaziranga Center for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation (CWRC)2016-11-00
Yashaswi EMFwildFC x Kukke Shri Subrahmanya temple (Kukke Pattana)2007-12-29

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