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Kolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)zooKolmardenhttp://www.kolmarden.com

There are 47 elephants with keyword Bua mentioned in the database

Brahma (Paremeshwara) 9404 EMMwild1982dead2002-09-29 x Kolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)1994-03-30
Bua 9711 EMFunknown1997FC x Kolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)2004-04-07
Bua Ban EMFunknown1951FC x Maetaman Elephant Camp
Bua Barn II (พลายบัวบาน, Leo) EMMunknown1993FC x Surin elephant study center (Baan Tha Klang Elephant Village)
Bua Jan EMFunknown1988FC x Maetaman Elephant Camp
Bua Kaew EMFunknownFC x Pattaya Elephant Village (Ban Chang Pattaya)
Bua Kham EMFwildFC x Kanchanaburi Elephants World2010-00-00
Bua Loy EMunknown1967FC x Maetaman Elephant Camp
Bua Ngaam EMFunknown1978FC x All Lao elephant camp2010-12-00
Bua Ngern EMFFC x Maha Wang Chang Elephant Village
Bua Ngun EMdead2013-03-08 x WFFT wildlife rescue center and Elephant refuge2009-00-00
Bua Thong (Buathong) EMFcaptive-born1983FCYuni (John) x Poon Larb (Poonlarp)Anantara Golden Triangles Elephant Camp2006-12-30
Buag Hah (Pang Yang) 6210 512EMFwild1958dead1996-12-16 x Copenhagen Zoo (Zoologisk Have)1962-06-22
Buakam EMFwildFC x unknown
BuaKam 2 EMFwild1966FC x Maesa Elephant Camp
BuaKao EMFwild1973FC x Maesa Elephant Camp
Buakham EM1973FC x Elephant village (Tiger trails, XL camp)2009-10-00
BuaLoi EMMwild1968FC x Maesa Elephant Camp
Buathong (พลายบัวทอง) EMMcaptive-born1999FC x Surin elephant kingdom (Ban Ta Klang elephant village)
Chiwit Dee EMMcaptive-born2013-12-17FC x BounnoiAyutthaya Royal Elephant Kraal (Wang Chang Ayutthaya Lae Paniat)2013-12-17
Donkey 6701 EMFwild1965dead2003-05-26 x Kolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)1965-00-00
Gipsy (Gypsie) LAFwild1972dead1984-09-14 x Kolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)1973-04-18
Mae Bua Kam EMFwild1955?FC x Elephant Nature Park (Sangduen Chailert)2007-02-09
Mae Bua Loy EMFwild1965dead2015-02-14 x Elephant Nature Park (Sangduen Chailert)2008-00-00
Mae Bua Tong EMFwild1970?FC x Elephant Nature Park (Sangduen Chailert)2005-07-01
Mida 8511 EMFwild1975dead2002-02-11 x Kolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)1985-02-16
Namsai 201308 EMMcaptive-born2013-07-27FCRaja x BuaKolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)2013-07-27
Nobi EMMdead x Kolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)1963-00-00
Nobi (Noby) LAFwild1972dead1978-08-16 x Kolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)1973-04-18
Pang Bua Kham EMFwild1979FC x Thai National Elephant Institute (Thai Elephant Conservation Center, TECC)2009-08-00
Pang Bua Kham (พังบัวคำ) EMFunknown1985FC x Surin elephant study center (Baan Tha Klang Elephant Village)
Pang Bua Kum EMFunknownFC x Surin unspecified Elephant Camp
Pang Buathong EMFunknownwild x Doi Pha Muang Wildlife Sanctuary
Plai Bua Barn (พลายบัวบาน) EMMunknown1981FC x Surin elephant study center (Baan Tha Klang Elephant Village)2006-00-00
Plai Bua Thong (พลายบัวทอง) EMMunknownFC x Surin elephant study center (Baan Tha Klang Elephant Village)
Plai Klao EMMunknowndead2014-07-11 x Ayutthaya Royal Elephant Kraal (Wang Chang Ayutthaya Lae Paniat)
Putschie (Putscher, Butscha) 7001 EMFwild1971dead2001-10-31 x Kolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)1990-05-02
Saba 7318 EMFwild1968FC x Kolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)2007-11-07
Sak (Chieng Mai) 6209 513EMMwild1959dead2017-06-28 x Copenhagen Zoo (Zoologisk Have)1962-06-22
Sandai (Sita II) 8807 EMFwild1985dead2003-05-14 x Kolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)2000-08-23
Sanoi (Saonoi) 9612 EMFunknown1996FC x Kolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)2004-04-07
Sridor Bualuang (Jab) EMMunknown1999FC x Elephant Life Experience (E.L.E.)
stillborn EMMcaptive-born2003-05-14dead2003-05-14Brahma (Paremeshwara) x Sandai (Sita II)Kolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)2003-05-14
Tembo (Tempo) LAFwild1972dead1974-11-27 x Kolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)1973-04-18
Tonsak 9815 EMMunknown1998PC x Kolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)2015-00-00
Y Tok EMFdead2009 x Phume Kaplaeng elephant village
Yai Bua EMFFC x Elephant Nature Park (Sangduen Chailert)2016-01-00

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