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There is presently 18 locations which may match your search Carrie in the elephant database.

Bailey Brothers Circuscircus
Barnett Brothers Circus (Wallace Brothers Circus)circusYork, South Carolina
Charles JamrachdealerLondon
Clyde Beatty-Cole Brothers CircuscircusDeland, Florida
Cole Brothers CircuscircusPeru, Indiana
Forepaugh-Sells Showcircus
Frank Murray (Elephant Walk)privateShirley, Arkansas
Gangala-na-Bodio Elephant Domestication CentercampFaradje
George B. ChapmandealerLondon
Gollmar Brothers CircuscircusBaraboo
Hagenbeck Animal Show at St. Louis Worlds FaircircusSt. Louis
Hagenbeck-Wallace CircuscircusPeru, Indiana
Kolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)zooKolmarden
Mathigodu elephant Camp (Thithimathi)campThithimathi, Kodagu district
Molinar CodealerTurin
Mysore Zoo (Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens)zooMysore
Nathan Howescircus
Ringling Brothers CircuscircusBaraboo, Wisconsin

There are 176 elephants with keyword Carrie mentioned in the database

? Old Babe EMFwilddead x Cole Brothers Circus
Abdallah EMdead x Ringling Brothers Circus1895-00-00
Abhimanyu EMMcaptive-born2004-11-00FC x Mysore Zoo (Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens)2004-11-00
Abhimanyu EMMwildFC x Mathigodu elephant Camp (Thithimathi)
Airavata EMMwilddead2018-05-00 x Mathigodu elephant Camp (Thithimathi)
Airavathi EMFcaptive-born2003FC x Mysore Zoo (Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens)2003-00-00
Albert EMMwild1888dead1929-03-28 x Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus1919-00-00
Alice EMFwild1882dead1912-08-27 x Forepaugh-Sells Show1909-00-00
Annette Marie 124EMFwild1960FC x Frank Murray (Elephant Walk)1983-10-21
Arjuna EMMwild1961FC x Balle Elephant Camp (Kabini)
Athula Raja EMMwildFC x Gangaramaya Temple
Babe Sh-Bang (Bonnie) 197EMFwild1976FC x Little Rock Zoological Gardens2013-10-21
Baby EMFcaptive-borndead1913-04-00 x Mom (Moms)Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus1907-00-00
Balarama EMMwildFC x Mathigodu elephant Camp (Thithimathi)
Baldy 375EMMwild1878dead1916 x Ringling Brothers Circus1896-08-12
Barney (Moton) EMMwilddead x Cole Brothers Circus1935-00-00
Bedelia EMFdead1913-04-00 x Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus1907-00-00
Belle 41EMFwild1952dead1997-04-22 x Portland Zoo (Metro Washington Park Zoo)1961-10-27
Betts EMFwilddead x Forepaugh-Sells Show1910-00-00
Betty EMdead1935-09-12 x Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus1925-00-00
Bheema EMMwildFC x Mathigodu elephant Camp (Thithimathi)2002-00-00
Bhima EMMwild2002FC x Mathigodu elephant Camp (Thithimathi)
Big Jenny (Jennie) EMFwilddead1976 or 1972 x Paul Kelly1955-00-00
Big Katie EMFwilddead x Cole Brothers Circus
Bon-Bon EMFwilddead x Clyde Beatty-Cole Brothers Circus
Brahma 9404 EMMwild1982dead2002-09-29 x Kolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)1994-03-30
Bua 9711 EMFunknown1997PC x Kolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)2004-04-07
Carolyn 237EMFwild1968dead2000-04-11 x St Louis Zoo1991-09-26
Carrie EMFwilddead1972 x Hoxie Brothers Circus1969-00-00
Carrie EMFunknown1938dead1996-06-12 x Wild Adventures1995-00-00
Chai 246EMFwild1979dead2016-01-30 x Oklahoma City Zoo2015-05-00
Chamundi EMFunknownFC x Mathigodu elephant Camp (Thithimathi)
Cincinnati wilddead1898-06-00 x Ringling Brothers Circus
Conti EMFwild1945dead1999-09-00 x Clyde Beatty-Cole Brothers Circus
Corsair EMFwilddead x Ringling Brothers Circus1895-00-00
Culver 565EMFwild1920dead x Cole Brothers Circus1936-10-03
Daisy EMFwilddead x Gran Circo Union1955-00-00
Dick 691EMMwilddead1900-04-21 x Forepaugh-Sells Show1896-00-00
Ding (DIng-Dong) EMFwilddead1940-02-21 x Cole Brothers Circus1939-00-00
Dolly 630EMFwild1963dead x Frank Murray (Elephant Walk)1984-05-26
Donkey 6701 EMFwild1965dead2003-05-26 x Kolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)1965-00-00
Drona EMMwilddead1997 x Balle Elephant Camp (Kabini)1971-00-00
Drona EMcaptive-born2004FC x ChaitraMysore Zoo (Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens)2016-12-27
Durga Parameshwari EMFwildFC x Mathigodu elephant Camp (Thithimathi)2013-08-18
Emperor EMMwilddead1885-05-17 x Ringling Brothers Circus1895-00-00
Eva EMFwilddead1937-06-13 x Barnett Brothers Circus (Wallace Brothers Circus)1937-00-00
Fannie (Fanny) LAFwilddead1908-11-00 x Ringling Brothers Circus1888-00-00
Frieda EMFwilddead1957 x Clyde Beatty-Cole Brothers Circus1947-00-00
Frieda (Bama, Miss Fancy) EMFwild1871?dead1954 x Cole Brothers Circus1934-00-00
Gajalaxmi EMFcaptive-born1980-00-00FC x Mysore Zoo (Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens)1979-00-00
Ganesha (Swethavarna) EMMwilddead2000-06-00 x Mysore Zoo (Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens)1951-00-00
George 693EMMwilddead1942-02-14 x Cole Brothers Circus1935-00-00
Gipsy (Gypsie) LAFwild1972dead1984-09-14 x Kolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)1973-04-18
Gypsie (Gypsy) EMFdead1910-04-30 x Ringling Brothers Circus1908-00-00
Hagenbeck Jennie EMFdead x Forepaugh-Sells Show1910-00-00
Harry Lockhart EMMwilddead1907 x Ringling Brothers Circus1896-00-00
Hortense Fdead x Ringling Brothers Circus
Irma 7008 754EMFcaptive-born1970-09-18FCChieng Mai x Buag Hah (Pang Yang)Rotterdam Zoo (Diergaarde Blijdorp)1975-09-17
Ishwarya EMFunknown2001FC x Mysore Zoo (Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens)
Jamuna EMFwild1917dead1965-09-02 x Auckland Zoo1923-06-07
Jayaprakash EMMwild0FC x Mysore Zoo (Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens)
Jean EMFwilddead x Cole Brothers Circus1935-00-00
Joe EMMwilddead1943-10-29 x Cole Brothers Circus1935-00-00
Josky EMMwilddead1913-04-00 x Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus1907-00-00
Jumb (Jumbo II) LAFwilddead1913-04-00 x Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus1907-00-00
Jumbo II (Safari) 308LAMwild1924dead1936-11-26 x Cole Brothers Circus1934-12-19
Juna EMFwilddead x Clyde Beatty-Cole Brothers Circus
Juno EMwilddead x Cole Brothers Circus
Kathy Sh-Boom 170EMFwild1960-11-25dead2002-11-21 x Niabi Zoo1965-08-05
Katie (Little Katie) EMFwilddead1940-02-21 x Cole Brothers Circus1936-00-00
Keddah EMwilddead1898-10-14 x Ringling Brothers Circus1897-00-00
killed 378EMFcaptive-born1902-10-26dead1902-10-26Baldy x AliceRingling Brothers Circus1902-10-26
Kollegala EMFunknown2002FC x Mysore Zoo (Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens)
Komala EMFcaptive-born1996dead2004-10-08Gajalaxmi x JayaprakashMysore Zoo (Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens)1996-00-00
Kongo LAFdead1913-04-00 x Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus1907-00-00
Konti (Connie, Bonnie) EMFwilddead x King Brothers Circus
Krishna EMM1961FC x Mathigodu elephant Camp (Thithimathi)
Lady 65LAFwild1968PC x Kansas City Zoo1994-07-16
Lakshmeesha EMMunknowndead2018-09-18 x Mathigodu elephant Camp (Thithimathi)2018-09-18
Lakshmi EMFFC x Mysore Zoo (Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens)2016-12-27
Lechmee (Letchmai, Lechemee) EMFwild1966FC1998 x Circus Medrano (Raoul Gibault Cirque Medrano)
Lilly (Israela) 8510 347EMFcaptive-born1985-01-31FCMotek x WardaAfrican Lion Safari1993-06-01
Little Babe EMFwilddead x Cole Brothers Circus1934-12-00
Little Eva EMFwilddead x Clyde Beatty-Cole Brothers Circus
Maasti EMFwildFC x Mathigodu elephant Camp (Thithimathi)
Madesha EMMwild2007-06-12FC x Mysore Zoo (Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens)2007-07-07
Mahatma Gandhi EMMwilddead x Cole Brothers Circus1935-00-00
Major EMMwilddead1936-02-10 x Cole Brothers Circus1935-11-00
Maude 294EMFwild1937dead2001 x Hawthorn Corporation1988-07-18
Mega EMFcaptive-born1999-07-19FCSidarta x UmriTaman Safari Indonesia II (Prigen)1999-07-19
Mida 8511 EMFwild1975dead2002-02-11 x Kolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)1985-02-16
Mike LAMwilddead1907-12-19 x Ringling Brothers Circus1907-00-00
Minyak (Minjak) 3201 T2035EMFcaptive-born1932-01-29dead1964-00-00Jacky x Roma ICarson and Barnes Circus1964-00-00
miscarriage EMMcaptive-born1974-10-28dead1974-10-26Nobby x ShebaChester Zoo1974-10-26
miscarriage 731EMFcaptive-born2008-08-14dead2008-08-14Sneezy x ChaiWoodland Park Zoo2008-08-14
Nadungamuwa Raja EMMwild~1953FC x Kandy Sri Dalada Maligawa Temple of the Tooth
Namsai 201308 EMMcaptive-born2013-07-27PCRaja x BuaKolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)2013-07-27
Nancy EMFwilddead1913-04-00 x Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus1907-00-00
Ned (Nick) 377EMMcaptive-born1900-11-19dead1901-02-16Baldy x AliceRingling Brothers Circus1900-11-19
Nellie EMFwilddead x Cole Brothers Circus1935-00-00
Nobi EMMdead x Kolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)1965-00-00
Nobi (Noby) LAFwild1972dead1978-08-16 x Kolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)1973-04-18
noname 201721? EMcaptive-born2017-10-03deadTonsak x BuaKolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)2017-10-03
Ola EMFwild1957dead1997-03-00 x Clyde Beatty-Cole Brothers Circus
Old John (John L. Sullivan, Othello, Tiny, Light of Asia) EMMwilddead1932-01-16 x Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus1919-00-00
Old Pitt (Petit) EMFwilddead1943-08-06 x Cole Brothers Circus1942-00-00
Oscar EMFwilddead x Clyde Beatty-Cole Brothers Circus
Padmavathi (Padmavati) EMFunknown1958FC x Mysore Zoo (Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens)1954-00-00
Parvathi EMFcaptive-born2017-07-21FCAbhimanyu x AiravathiMysore Zoo (Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens)2017-07-21
Pasha EMFdead x Ringling Brothers Circus
Petunia (Pete, Pee Wee) EMFwild1950dead1999-08-21 x Clyde Beatty-Cole Brothers Circus1952-00-00
Phoebe 8707 353EMFcaptive-born1987-05-15FCMotek x WardaColumbus Zoo and Aquarium2002-01-29
Pinky EMFwilddead x Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus1962-00-00
Poornima EMFwild1949dead2014-03-20 x Aaryans World School2014-01-17
Prince EMMwilddead1906? x Ringling Brothers Circus1893-00-00
Putschie (Putscher, Butscha) 7001 EMFwild1971dead2001-10-31 x Kolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)1990-05-02
Queen EMFwilddead x Cole Brothers Circus
Queen Anne EMFwilddead x Cole Brothers Circus
Raja 6710 EMFwild1963dead2013-12-00 x La Barben Zoo (Parc Zoologique De La Barben)2011-11-18
Raja EMcaptive-born2008FC x ChaitraMysore Zoo (Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens)2018-01-25
Rajah EMFwilddead x Clyde Beatty-Cole Brothers Circus
Rajee EMFwilddead x Bailey Brothers Circus1959-00-00
Rama EMMwild1995FC x Mysore Zoo (Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens)1995-00-00
Rasamee EMFFC x Pattaya Elephant Village (Ban Chang Pattaya)
Reynolds Jennie (Queen Jumbo, Big Bingo) EMFwilddead1918-05-17 x Ringling Brothers Circus1896-08-12
Richie LAMcaptive-born1995FCTimbo x Zambi (Jambi)Mysore Zoo (Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens)1995-00-00
Rio (Ryo) EMMwilddead1928-06-20 x Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus1919-00-00
Romeo EMMunknowndead1900-10-23 x Ringling Brothers Circus1900-00-00
Roopa (Rupa) EMFwild1990dead2004-09 x Mysore Zoo (Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens)
Rowdy Ranga EMMwild1984dead2018-10-08 x Mathigodu elephant Camp (Thithimathi)2015-00-00
Ruth (Linco) 732EMFwilddead1944 x Bailey Brothers Circus1944-00-00
Ruwan Raja EMMwilddead2003 x Gangaramaya Temple1996-00-00
Saba 7318 EMFwild1968PC x Kolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)2007-11-07
Sammy 562EMMwild1908dead1938-03-05 x Belle Isle Nature Zoo (Safariland, Detroit Zoo)1933-07-10
Sandai 8807 EMFwild1985dead2003-05-14 x Kolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)2000-08-23
Sao Noi (Saonoi) 9612 EMFunknown1996PC x Kolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)2004-04-07
Satan EMMdead1913-04-00 x Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus1907-00-00
Sells Babe EMFdead1915-12-25 x Ringling Brothers Circus1912-00-00
Sid EMMwilddead1904-12-20 x Forepaugh-Sells Show1896-00-00
Skanda EMMwilddead1986 x Kandy Sri Dalada Maligawa Temple of the Tooth1937-07-31
Sophie (Sandry) 194EMFwild1969FC x Little Rock Zoological Gardens2013-10-21
Sri Rama EMMwildFC x Mathigodu elephant Camp (Thithimathi)
Srinivas EMMcaptive-bornFC x Mathigodu elephant Camp (Thithimathi)
stillborn EMMcaptive-born2003-05-14dead2003-05-14Brahma x SandaiKolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)2003-05-14
stillborn 9301 EMFcaptive-born1993-03-04dead1993-03-04Ramon x RajaRotterdam Zoo (Diergaarde Blijdorp)1993-03-04
stillborn EMcaptive-born1970-00-00dead1970-00-00 x unknownMysore Zoo (Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens)1970-00-00
stillborn 518LAcaptive-born2001-09-19dead2001-09-19Casey x LadyKansas City Zoo2001-09-19
Sue EMFwilddead1994 x Clyde Beatty-Cole Brothers Circus
Sultan EMMdead x Ringling Brothers Circus
Sushila EMFunknown1994FC x Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve2008-04-00
Tania EMFunknowndead x Way Kambas Elephant Training Center (PLG)
Tanish 121LAFwild1971dead1990-10-00 x Clyde Beatty-Cole Brothers Circus1990-04-18
Tarka EMFwild1911dead1949-12-00 x Circus Knie1944-00-00
Tembo (Tempo) LAFwild1972dead1974-11-27 x Kolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)1973-04-18
Tessie EMFwilddead x Cole Brothers Circus1935-00-00
Tillie EMFwilddead x Cole Brothers Circus
Timbo LAMwild1970?dead2016-05-24 x Mysore Zoo (Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens)1976-00-00
Tippoo Sahib (Tippoo Saib) EMMwilddead1871-04-07 x Van Amburg Circus1848-00-00
Tommy EMMunknowndead1947 x Bailey Brothers Circus1946-00-00
Tonsak 9815 EMMunknown1998PC x Kolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)2015-00-00
Tony EMMwilddead x Cole Brothers Circus1944-00-00
Topsy 101EMFwild1960dead2014-08-00 x Frank Murray (Elephant Walk)1986-12-05
Trilby EMFwilddead1913-04-00 x Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus1907-00-00
unborn 200710 EMFcaptive-born2007-12-28dead2007-12-28Alexander x IrmaRotterdam Zoo (Diergaarde Blijdorp)2007-12-28
unknown EMMwild2007-06-00dead2007 x Mysore Zoo (Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens)2007-07-07
unknown EMFwilddead1970 x Mysore Zoo (Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens)
unknown EMwild2007dead x Mysore Zoo (Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens)2007-08-21
unknown dead x Charles Jamrach
unknown EMMcaptive-born2018-03-17FCNum Sek x RasameePattaya Elephant Village (Ban Chang Pattaya)2018-03-17
unknown EMwild2009dead2009-08-20 x Uda Walawe Elephant Transit Home (ETH) Udawalawa Eth Athuru Sewana2009-08-08
Varalakshmi (Varlaxmi) EMFcaptive-bornFC x Mathigodu elephant Camp (Thithimathi)
Venice EMFwilddead1931 x Barnett Brothers Circus (Wallace Brothers Circus)1931-00-00
Yasso (Jasso) EMFwilddead x Hickory Tree Wild Animal farm
Zambi (Jambi) LAFwild1965dead2009-03-09 x Mysore Zoo (Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens)1976-00-00
Zeffa EMFwilddead1913-04-00 x Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus1907-00-00
Zip LAFwilddead1893-01-02 x Ringling Brothers Circus1890-00-00

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