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James Christy Cole Circuscircus

There are 40 elephants with keyword Christy mentioned in the database

Affie (Jenny) 86LAFwild1969dead2009-05-15 x Brookfield Zoo1979-03-31
Alice (Bughouse Alice) 376EMFwild1882dead1933 x Christy Brothers Circus1923-00-00
Babe (Baby Brookfield) 75EMFwild1946dead1990-02-18 x Brookfield Zoo1966-09-10
Babe (Caradini Babe) EMFwilddead x Christy Brothers Circus1920-00-00
Barnum Bessie EMFwilddead x Christy Brothers Circus1926-00-00
Carrie EMFunknown1938dead1996-06-12 x Wild Adventures1995-00-00
Christy 432LAFwildFC x EARS (Elephants of Africa Rescue Society) 2007-01-15
Christy 203LAFwild1980dead2009-12-22 x Brookfield Zoo1984-12-07
Christy EMFunknowndead1961 x Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus1960-00-00
Coco EMMwilddead1931 x Christy Brothers Circus1926-00-00
Cookie 455EMFwild1961dead1963-10-11 x Brookfield Zoo1962-05-10
Daisy EMFwilddead x Gran Circo Union1955-00-00
Gentry Babe (Sahara) EMFwild1897dead1967-05-18 x Gene Holters Movieland Animals (Gene Holter)1955-00-00
Hank (Henrietta) EMFdead1961-04-27 x James Christy Cole Circus1959-00-00
Honey (Arsali) 7LAFwild1934dead1958-09-11 x Brookfield Zoo1934-06-13
Joyce 462LAFwild1983PC x Six Flags Wild Safari (Six Flags Great Adventure)2010-09-22
Konti (Connie, Bonnie) EMFwilddead x King Brothers Circus
Mame 107LAFwild1971dead2003-06-17 x Brookfield Zoo1972-06-07
Maude 294EMFwild1937dead2001 x Hawthorn Corporation1988-07-18
Melinda 451EMFwild1951dead1953-10-30 x Brookfield Zoo1952-05-10
Minnie 454EMFwild1929dead1976-09-22 x Brookfield Zoo1934-11-03
Mtoto 108LAFwild1971dead1992-06-11 x Brookfield Zoo1980-02-03
Myrtle EMFwilddead1968-03-00 x Clark and Walters Wild Animal Circus1966-00-00
Nancy 449EMFwild1920dead1951-01-19 x Brookfield Zoo1933-11-10
Nero (Babe) EMFunknowndead x Unknown1924-00-00
Peter Pan 21LAMwild1956dead1969-05-28 x Brookfield Zoo1957-05-07
Rajee EMFwilddead x Bailey Brothers Circus1959-00-00
Ringling Bessie EMFwilddead1930-07-14 x Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus1919-00-00
Rosie EMFwilddead1928 x Christy Brothers Circus1925-00-00
Rubber EMFwilddead1939-08-06 x Russell Brothers Circus1929-00-00
Ruth (Linco) 732EMFwilddead1944 x Bailey Brothers Circus1944-00-00
Tembo 6LAFwild1930dead1943-07-14 x Brookfield Zoo1934-06-13
Tommy EMMunknowndead1947 x Bailey Brothers Circus1946-00-00
Unknown 457EMFwild1964dead1965-09-30 x Brookfield Zoo1965-09-28
Valerie 444LAFwild1982FC x Wildlife Safari2017-03-00
Venice EMFwilddead1931 x Barnett Brothers Circus (Wallace Brothers Circus)1931-00-00
Widget 19LAFwild1954dead1977-03-14 x Brookfield Zoo1955-05-14
Ziggy (Herman) 453EMMwild1919dead1975-10-27 x Brookfield Zoo1936-07-28
Zombie 8LCFwild1934dead1943-07-04 x Brookfield Zoo1939-09-09
Zombini 10LCFwild1936dead1944-09-19 x Brookfield Zoo1939-09-09

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