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African Lion SafarizooCambridge, Ontario
Bentley Brothers Circuscircus
Dallas ZoozooDallas
Ivory Haven Farm (Chuck Walters)privateMichigan
Kay Brothers Circuscircus
King Jigme Dorji WangchuckprivateThimphu
Pankows Pachyderms (Chuck Pankow)privatePleasant View, Tennessee

There are 28 elephants with keyword Chuck mentioned in the database

Anna May 768? (unconfirmed)EMFcaptive-born2015-05-04FCJohnson x OpalAfrican Lion Safari2015-05-04
Bopper (Beau Thai) 128EMMcaptive-born1984-02-01dead1988-08-26Thai (Thailand) x Methai (Me Thai)African Lion Safari1988-04-24
Chuck 653EMMcaptive-born2008-07-15FCRex (Bimbo, Barney) x MaliSyracuse Zoo (Rosamond Gifford Zoo)2011-11-08
Dame (Dandelion) 414EMFwild1970FC x African Lion Safari1999-07-06
Emily 639EMFcaptive-born2006-04-23FCRex (Bimbo, Barney) x Kitty (Mookee)African Lion Safari2006-04-23
George 518EMMcaptive-born1999-10-21FCCalvin (Chanda) x Phoebe (Washti, Vahdi)African Lion Safari1999-10-21
Gigi 767? (unconfirmed)EMFcaptive-born2015-02-24FCGeorge x EmilyAfrican Lion Safari2015-02-24
Gypsy 454LAFwild1982PC x Dallas Zoo2009-03-31
Hadari 482LAFwild1980dead2017-01-02 x The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee2015-09-24
Hannah 766? (unconfirmed)EMFcaptive-born2014-10-19FCJohnson x Lilly (Israela)African Lion Safari2014-10-19
Jake 687EMMcaptive-born2009-11-02FCRex (Bimbo, Barney) x NatashaAfrican Lion Safari2009-11-02
Jenny 141LAFwild1976PC x Dallas Zoo1986-12-14
Jenny (Gertie, GOP) 313EMFwild1966-08FC x African Lion Safari1998-06-25
Johnson 535EMMcaptive-born2001-04-29FCCalvin (Chanda) x Kitty (Mookee)African Lion Safari2001-04-29
Keke 70LAFwild1968dead2008-05-11 x Dallas Zoo2003-09-26
Kiba (Chupa) 483LAFwild1982dead2009-12-17 x Nashville Zoo1995-04-15
Kitty (Mookee) 264EMFwild1965FC x African Lion Safari1985-08-05
Lilly (Israela) 8510 347EMFcaptive-born1985-01-31FCMotek x WardaAfrican Lion Safari1993-06-01
Lisa 271EMFwild1958dead1990-09-06 x Bowmanville Zoo1988-08-00
Logan 638EMMcaptive-born2006-04-13dead2006-04-13Rex (Bimbo, Barney) x Lilly (Israela)African Lion Safari2006-04-13
Maggie (Mug, Mugwamp) 281EMFwild1968FC x African Lion Safari1990-05-01
miscarriage 355EMFcaptive-born1993-11-16dead1993-11-16Motek x Phoebe (Washti, Vahdi)African Lion Safari1993-11-16
Natasha 356EMFcaptive-born1994-02-27FCTusko (Sobik) x WhimpyAfrican Lion Safari1994-02-27
Nellie 763EMFcaptive-born2013-08-02FCJohnson x NatashaAfrican Lion Safari2013-08-02
Opal 637EMFcaptive-born2005-11-04FCRex (Bimbo, Barney) x NatashaAfrican Lion Safari2005-11-04
Piccolo (Piccolina) 364EMFcaptive-born1994-12-11FCAlexander x Lilly (Israela)African Lion Safari1994-12-11
Siri 28EMFwild1967FC x Syracuse Zoo (Rosamond Gifford Zoo)1985-05-31
Sukari 407LAFwild1984FC x Nashville Zoo1999-09-16

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