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Boswell Circuscircus
Brian Boswells CircuscircusKwa-Zulu Natal
Butlins Holiday Camp SkegnessprivateSkegness
Camp JabulanicampHoedsprueit
Clem Coetzeedealer
Cleveland Metroparks ZoozooCleveland, Ohio
King Amusements circusMt. Clemens
Pachyderm Productions (James L. Clement)private

There are 55 elephants with keyword Clem mentioned in the database

Bubi (Bubu) LAFwildFC x Camp Jabulani2002-00-00
Clem LAMwilddead2008-03-19 x Adventure Zone (Safari Par Excellence)
Dande LAFwildFC x Camp Jabulani2002-00-00
Dorothy (Maryann) EMFunknowndead x Brian Boswells Circus1984-00-00
Emma (Em) LAFwildFC x Victoria Falls National Park2008-04-00
Fishan LAMwildFC x Camp Jabulani2002-00-00
Flippy 317LAMwild1953dead1962-06-14 x Cleveland Metroparks Zoo1955-10-22
Frieda EMFwilddead1956 x Cleveland Metroparks Zoo1940-12-00
Gerti (Gert, Gertrude) EMFwilddead1962-07-24 x Butlins Holiday Camp Skegness1959-00-00
Jabulani LAMwild1997FC x Camp Jabulani1997-00-00
Jim LAMwildFC x Camp Jabulani2002-00-00
Jo (Juanita) 62LAFwild1969dead2012-07-16 x Cleveland Metroparks Zoo2010-12-01
Joe LAMwildFC x Camp Jabulani2002-00-00
Joey (Fred?) EMMdead x Butlins Holiday Camp Skegness1959-00-00
Kallie (June) 401LAFwild1982FC x Cleveland Metroparks Zoo2011-11-01
Kathol EMFunknowndead x Boswell Circus1955-00-00
Klaserie LAFcaptive-born2007-02-23FC x SetombeCamp Jabulani2007-02-23
Kumbura LAFwild2007FC x Camp Jabulani2009-08-00
Kunda LAMwild2012dead2012-01-31 x Mwanga Lodge2012-01-08
Lechmey EMFunknowndead x Boswell Circus1955-00-00
Limpopo LAcaptive-born2006-08-19FC x TokweCamp Jabulani2006-08-19
Little Rajee EMFwild1951dead1963-09-26 x King Amusements 1961-00-00
Lundi LAFwildFC x Camp Jabulani2002-00-00
Mambo LAMcaptive-born2009-06-25FC x LundiCamp Jabulani2009-06-25
Martika (Tika, Kiah) 231LAFwild1981PC x Cleveland Metroparks Zoo2010-12-01
Minnie T2069EMFwilddead1921 x Cleveland Metroparks Zoo1907-07-07
Mnuyati LAFwildFC x Camp Jabulani2002-00-00
Molly EMFdead x Boswell Circus1921-00-00
Moshi 139LAFwild1976PC x Cleveland Metroparks Zoo2010-12-01
Nemo T2070EMMwilddead1924-04-00 x Cleveland Metroparks Zoo1923-09-06
Nfuli LAFwildFC x Camp Jabulani2002-00-00
Pisa LAFcaptive-born2009-11-13FC x TokweCamp Jabulani2009-11-13
Sauce (Saucy, Jumbo) EMFwilddead1960 x Butlins Holiday Camp Skegness1957-00-00
Sebakwe (Sebekwe) LAMwildFC x Camp Jabulani2002-00-00
Setombe LAFwildFC x Camp Jabulani2002-00-00
Shawu LAMwildFC x Camp Jabulani2016-11-00
Shenga (Split nose) 488LAFwild1982PC x Cleveland Metroparks Zoo2011-03-11
Simba 15LAFwild1953dead1995-12-10 x Cleveland Metroparks Zoo1995-12-10
Somapani (Semopane) LAFwildFC x Camp Jabulani2002-00-00
Sophie LAFwild1982-00-00dead x Brian Boswells Circus1985-00-00
Tara 16LAFwild1953dead1979-02-19 x Cleveland Metroparks Zoo1955-10-22
Tembi LAFwild1982-00-00FC x Brian Boswells Circus1984-00-00
Timisa LAFwildFC x Camp Jabulani2016-11-00
Tokwe LAFwildFC x Camp Jabulani2002-00-00
Tribby (Tibby) 158LAFwild1977dead1995-11-11 x Cleveland Metroparks Zoo1992-11-15
unknown EMFdead x Boswell Circus
unknown EMFdead x Boswell Circus
unknown EMFdead x Boswell Circus
unknown dead x Boswell Circus1935-00-00
unknown dead x Boswell Circus1935-00-00
unknown dead x Boswell Circus1935-00-00
Unnamed 244LAFcaptive-born1994-03-16dead1994-03-17Machito x Tribby (Tibby)Cleveland Metroparks Zoo1994-03-16
Wankie LAFwild1982-00-00FC x Brian Boswells Circus1985-00-00
Willy 370LAMwild1978PC x Cleveland Metroparks Zoo2011-04-05
Zindoga LAMcaptive-born2007-09-25FC x Bubi (Bubu)Camp Jabulani2007-09-25

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