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Charles JamrachdealerLondon
Circus VargascircusThousand Oaks, California
Dickerson Park ZoozooSpringfield, Missouri
Hacienda Napoles (Pablo Escobar)privatePuerto Triunfo
Hawthorn CorporationcircusRichmond, IL
Madanpur elephant camp (Valmiki National Park)campWest Champaran district

There are 34 elephants with keyword Coba mentioned in the database

Amrit EMunknowndead2014-07-00 x Madanpur elephant camp (Valmiki National Park)2007-00-00
Andal EMMunknown1950FC x Renganathar Swamy temple2009-01-00
Bambina EMFwild>1907dead1927 x Circus Strassburger
Boonkong EMMwilddead2016-08-24 x FAE Elephant Hospital
Borneo (Buldiu) EMMwilddead1943 x Munich Zoo (Munchner Tierpark Hellabrunn)1940-00-00
Buon Nhan EMFunknown1949dead2013-04-09 x Y Glur B Krong
Coba EMFwild1904dead1935 x Amsterdam Artis Zoo1906-05-13
Connie (Pinky) 105EMFwild1964dead2013-10-04? x Dickerson Park Zoo1981-11-25
Haji 520EMMcaptive-born1999-11-28dead2002-06-07Onyx (Big Mac) x MoolaDickerson Park Zoo1999-11-28
Hattie (Joyce II) 177EMFwild1970dead1996-08-07 x Hawthorn Corporation1990-05-18
Indy (Butch) 27EMMwild1971PC x Dickerson Park Zoo2012-11-00
Joyce 289EMFwild1948dead1996-08-03 x Hawthorn Corporation1970-00-00
Junior LAMdead2016-04-22 x Hacienda Napoles (Pablo Escobar)2014-05-00
Krishna EMMwild~2006dead2016-11-00 x Theppakadu elephant camp (Mudumalai)2013-08-28
Maiya (Kate) 312EMFcaptive-born1991-07-26dead1993-02-28Onyx (Big Mac) x Connie (Pinky)Dickerson Park Zoo1991-07-26
Minyahk (Ole C.C.) 96EMFwild1949dead2010-08-04 x Dickerson Park Zoo1999-03-31
Moola 42EMFcaptive-born1981-08-08PC x Dickerson Park Zoo1994-02-20
Mr. Ed (Khun Chorn, Khun-Chorn, K-C) 67EMMcaptive-born1978-05-19dead2016-01-17Packy x Me-TuDickerson Park Zoo1980-02-28
Nang Lieng EMFunknown1974dead2015-05-07 x Buon Don Eco Tourism Company (Cty Tourism sinh thái Buôn Đôn)
Nisha 641EMFcaptive-born2006-07-18dead2007-12-01Sabu (Sabu-hit) x MoolaDickerson Park Zoo2006-07-18
noname 106EMFcaptive-born1985-06-12dead1985-06-12Onyx (Big Mac) x Connie (Pinky)Dickerson Park Zoo1985-06-12
Onyx (Big Mac) 104EMMwild1962dead2002-05-22 x Dickerson Park Zoo1980-09-26
Patience 76EMFwild1976PC x Dickerson Park Zoo1990-10-30
Peaches 12LAFwild1950dead2005-01-17 x Lincoln Park Zoo2003-04-14
Pete 522EMMcaptive-born2000-04-12dead2000-04-12Onyx (Big Mac) x Vickie (Vicky, Vates)Dickerson Park Zoo2000-04-12
Rajeshwari EMFcaptive-born1978dead2018-04-21 x GowriArulmigu Sugavaneswarar Temple1982-00-00
Reni LAFunknown x Hacienda Napoles (Pablo Escobar)2014-05-00
Rupa EMFFC x Madanpur elephant camp (Valmiki National Park)2007-00-00
stillborn 334EMMcaptive-born1992-09-07dead1992-09-07Onyx (Big Mac) x Tuffy (Kathy)Dickerson Park Zoo1992-09-07
stillborn 405EMMcaptive-born1997-09-06dead1997-09-06Onyx (Big Mac) x Vickie (Vicky, Vates)Dickerson Park Zoo1997-09-06
Tatima (Deteema) 74LAFwild1969dead2004-10-15 x Lincoln Park Zoo2003-04-21
Tuffy (Kathy) 278EMFwild1964dead1992-09-07 x Dickerson Park Zoo1986-10-10
unknown dead x Charles Jamrach
Wankie (Wanki) 73LAFwild1969dead2005-05-01 x Hogle Zoo (Salt City Zoo)2005-05-01

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